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Help with a review question please Test tomorrow

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    Help with a review question please!!! Test tomorrow

    Can you please help with this review question. My test is tomorrow and I am not sure how to do this.

    Helium cation behaves like hydrogen atom. A particle with kinetic energy of 90.00 x 10^-12 erg collides with a gaseous helium cation in its ground state, quantum level n=1. After the collision, the kinetic energy of the particle is found to be 8.262 x 10^-12 erg. This event is followed by the Helium ion with the electron in quantum level n=? emitting light with a wavelength of 1214 angstroms when the electron drops to the quantum level n = 2. What is the energy of the electron in the ground electronic state, E1 of the helium atom?
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    Re: Help with a review question please!!! Test tomorrow

    Where exactly are you stuck? Please show your work you've done so far and post any applicable formulas or equations related to the problem.
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    Re: Help with a review question please!!! Test tomorrow

    Well, here is where I am.

    I know that

    -E(emit)=E? - E2

    -E photon = hc/λ

    -E2 =( -21.79 x 10 ^-12) / 4

    Does this mean that E(emit) is equal to hc/λ?

    If so, then hc/λ = E? - ( -21.79 x 10 ^-12) / 4

    I would then take this Energy found and find what quantum level corresponds to it.

    If this is correct, what do I do next? And I might be wrong somewhere
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