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Homework Help: Help with an equation about waves and wavelengths!

  1. Jun 15, 2011 #1
    1. A standing wave is set up on a taut string. The string is vibrated at a frequency of 350 Hz. The string is 1 m long and a total of 6 antinodes are counted along its length. What is the wavelength of the standing wave? And what is the speed of the wave in the string?

    2.I'm unsure of relevant equations

    3. I haven't made an attempt at the equation as its midterm and I just joined the Physics class.

    All help is appreciated!
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    A point to be noted is that, in a vibrating string both ends of the string are fixed creating displacement nodes at those points.Now, the question says that there are 6 antinodes present on the string. So,the waves in vibrating string will contain 3 fundamental waves.
    3*wavelength=length of string
    wav.=1/3 m
    freq.=350 hz
    wave vel.=freq.*wavelength=116.666hz
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