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Help With Creating A Science Project

  1. Aug 25, 2006 #1

    i am appearing for an examination where i have to submit a project report based on science [ practically any]
    i should be able to make a theoretical or practical project which is innovative, creative
    it should not be something which is improving the technology available today
    could anyone please help me
    or give me an idea
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    what kind of schooling do you have?

    if your in highschool than a brief presentation on string theory or particle physics should do it.

    if your in college than what level?
  4. Aug 25, 2006 #3
    im not in highschool
    im doing bachelor of sciences : physics
    second year
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    Your post is rather vague. I have no idea from it what you actually have to do.
  6. Aug 25, 2006 #5
    i have to create a science project
    based on any field of science
    it should be creative
    and not be something like improving the present technology
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    Have you any areas of personal interest?
  8. Aug 25, 2006 #7
    well yes
    to narrow down the search
    includes quantum
    basically physics
    if possible
    and genetics and biotechnology
    i have narrowed it down to this because i felt it would be extremely though to do something in chemistry
    but i am ready to do on it if there is something in chemistry
    other wise
    physics and genetics
    on fluids . fluid mechanics,etc.
  9. Aug 25, 2006 #8

    Science project?

    Do you have to perform an experiment? Write a two page paper? Give a presentation? All of the above? Details matter.
  10. Aug 25, 2006 #9
    i dont have to perform it
    i have to write a report
    like write a paper on it
    it could be a working project
    but i just have to write a paper on it
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    what class is this for? does this have to be a mathmatical project? ie. you have to come up with a thought experiment and work out the consequences of it

    you havn't given us enough information to help you yet.

    also what kind of math courses have you taken? what kind of physics courses?
  12. Aug 25, 2006 #11
    im doing bachelor of physics 2nd year
    so i basically am aware of all the concepts of mathematics and physics
    also its for BSc. and to the minimum 12th grade
    its not nesecarry it has to be mathematical
    it can be based on physics
    or chemistry
    or basically science
    anything under science
  13. Aug 25, 2006 #12
    can you elaborate a bit, one person's second year in a bachelor of physics program can be very different from another persons

    what specific math and science courses have you taken? this will help give you ideas for what you could work on.

    can you elaborate?

    also can you use complete sentances?
  14. Aug 25, 2006 #13
    its like this
    ive done
    1.rest and motion: kinematic[ these are the headings so they just mean that ive studied all its details]
    2. force
    3.newtons law of motion
    4. friction
    5.circular motion
    6.work and energy
    7.centre of mass,linear momentum,collision
    8.rotational mechanics
    10.simple harmonic motion
    11.fluid mechanics
    12.mechanical properties of matter
    13.wave motion and waves on a string
    14.sound waves
    15.light waves
    16. geometrical optics
    17.optical instruments
    18.dispersion and spectra
    19.speed of light
    21. heat and temperature
    22.kinetic theory of gases
    24.laws of thermodynamics
    25.specific heat capacities of gases
    26. heat transfers
    27.electric field and potential
    28. gauss laws
    30.electric current in conductors
    31.thermal and chemical effects of electric current
    32.magnetic fields
    33.magnetic field due to a current
    34.permanent magnets
    35.magnetic properties of matter
    36.electromagnetic induction
    37.alternating current
    38.electromagnetic waves
    39. electric current through gases
    40.photoelectric effect and wave-particle duality
    41.bohr's model,quantum model and structure of atom
    42. x-rays
    43. semiconductors and semiconductor devices
    44.the nucleus and fission and all
    45. the special theory of relativity

    this was in physics.

    now in mathematics
    ive done calculus
    co-ordinate geometry
    and basically most of the stuff i cant remember
    does this help???
  15. Aug 25, 2006 #14
    What do you mean by this statement: "it should not be something which is improving the technology available today"? You have to come up with your only experiment? Or base your report off someone elses experiment/results?
    Do you have particular interest in 3-4 fields? Space Travel, Virtual Reality,bio-engineering/robotics/cybernetics.

    When you finally narrow down your list. Just come up with something you think might be intriguing to read up on

    "Outer Limits" TV show might be a good source of pseudo-science for you to think of an actual science-based project.
  16. Aug 25, 2006 #15
    i do have interest in biotechnology and space travel
    im basically aiming for a project which is based on any principle of science
  17. Aug 25, 2006 #16
    also I was thinking more of a course heading not the chapters titles out of your textbook, We've all studied those things to and its best to give as simple of titles as possible.

    from the looks of it you've taken physics I and II and maybe III

    and it sounds like you've taken at least calc I and II

    is this correct?
  18. Aug 25, 2006 #17
    ive taken calc
  19. Aug 25, 2006 #18


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    As others have said, it's hard to give good advice (what we all seek to offer) without more info, so I thought I'd try this. I googled advanced science fair projects, and got lots of helpful hits. Could you please take a look at the hit list, and let us know what kinds of things look interesting and applicable to your assignment?

  20. Aug 25, 2006 #19
    well i liked a few
    stuff like making electric globes
    and about genemapping

    see the basic point is that it should be related to physics or genetics or aerspace maybe
  21. Aug 25, 2006 #20
    can anyone explain me the peltier's
    what it is
    and all
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