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Help with Flywheel design

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    I am designing a flywheel for my own system. I don't know what are the input I should consider to design my flywheel and need to find what is mass & speed of flywheel should I use for my system to avoid fluctuation and uniform motion.

    I have attached the system picture and I have mention the flywheel.

    my system is to produce the electricity from the gravitational force.if you look at the picture u will understand the concept. The pendulum will drop from the 60 deg angle,the pendulum will oscillate to and fro, using some mechanism converting the oscillating motion to unidirectional motion and next I need to use flywheel to maintain the uniform rotation and avoid fluctuation. I know the angular velocity of the pendulum from the calculation for my system which is max at angle 0 deg and I use this angular velocity to find what speed I should consider for my system. which I got is 25 rpm. I don't know how to calculate the energy and How to interpret with any real world application.

    I would appreciate if any one give your valuable idea or thought to move on my work further.

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    Simon Bridge

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    Welcome to PF, you know the pendulum won't keep swinging in this setup right? Not unless you have something besides gravity to drive it.
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    Doc Al

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    Discussion of perpetual motion schemes is not permitted on PF. (Please consult our rules, which are linked at the top of every page, for more details.)
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