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Homework Help: Help with force question? i dont know how to get the right answer?

  1. Sep 29, 2011 #1
    Two lifeguards pull on ropes attached to a raft. If they pull in the same direction, the raft experiences a net external force of 304 N to the right. If they pull in opposite directions, the raft experiences a net external force of 115 N to the left.

    Find the force exerted by each lifeguard on the raft. (Disregard any other forces acting on the raft.)
    ____N( larger force)
    ____N( smaller force)

    ive set it up at F1 + F2 = 304 and F1 - F2 = -115 , but i dont know what to do with that, how am i supposed to find the forces? i feel like im just forgetting a simple math tool haha
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    So let's call

    F1+F2=304 ....eq'n 1


    What happens if we add eq'n 1 to eq'n 2 :wink:?
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