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Help with high school class selection

  1. Mar 30, 2015 #1
    Hello, I am a current freshman in HS. Sophomore year I am registered to double up in math (AP Stat/Precalc) and am taking Honors Programming, the prereq to AP Computer Science at my school. I am also taking Spanish 3 next year, as well, as I took Spanish 1 for HS credit last year in middle school.

    However, since my orchestra teacher wants me to stay in the Masterclass (I'm one of the better violas), I'm going to end up having a lot of class conflicts with taking a fourth year of Spanish my junior year. I am going to most likely take AP Lang, APUSH, AP Chem, AP Calc BC, APCS, and Masterclass HN that year, leaving me no space for a fourth year of Spanish.

    I can't take another year senior year as well, since I'm going to need study halls in order to drive to my local university to take Vector Cal/DiffyQ that year.

    How much will it hurt if me if I do not take 4 years of Spanish in high school? Can it be justified by taking APs in other subject areas [that I actually find interesting]? I'm interested to going to school at a place like GaTech, UIUC, or UMich AA, and want to do CS in college.

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    Welcome to PF!

    You should talk with your Guidance Counselor about the courses you want to take, if the course load is too much and whether taking them will hurt your chances.

    Having said that, I don't think lack of Spanish credits will hurt you for Computer Science.

    However, don't take my word for it see your counselor.
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    If you are not going to major in spanish in college, then how much of it you take in high school makes a difference only if the colleges you apply to or end up going to have a foreign language requirement for admission or graduation. Having only three versus four years might affect (a) your chances of admission at a very selective college (but I don't have any experience with this), and (b) which spanish course you get placed into when you arrive at college, or whether you place out of a language requirement completely. This sort of thing varies from one college to another.

    (My wife teaches foreign languages at the college level, so I know a little about this second-hand, as it applies to a less-selective college.)
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