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Homework Help: Help with our research topic: Electrical Conductivity

  1. Aug 19, 2016 #1
    • Member advised to use the homework template and show their own efforts.
    my research is about "The effectiveness of different basic substances on the Eletrical conductivity"
    and i need " significance of the study "

    1) who are the beneficiaries and what benefits will they get ?

    Please help im a highschool student struggling with my research
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    What have you found so far?

    Do you understand Ohms law? The electric power formula?
    Can you explain in your own words what conductivity is? Can you think of where it's important?

    Hint: Think about getting electrical power from a remote hydro dam to a city, if the conductivity of the lines were increased, the power lost between the city and dam would _______, and so the city dwellers monthly power bill would (or should) _____. (insert 'increase' or 'decrease' in the blanks.)
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    Since silver and gold are excellent conductors, why aren't they generally used for current carrying applications?
    You might do an internet search to discuss differences between common conductors like copper and aluminum.
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