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Help with Stoich limiting reactant Lab

  1. Sep 21, 2009 #1
    Help with Stoich limiting reactant Lab urgent!!

    1. I need to find the mass of the excess reactant. This was a lab i did. so its BaCl2.2H20 + Na2So4 --> BaSO4 + 2NaCL. The data i have calculated thus far is.

    moles of BaSO4=0.0019 mol
    moles of BaCl2=0.0019 mol
    moles of Na2SO4=0.0019 mol

    mass of BaSo4=.4524g
    mass of BaCl2=.4641g
    mass of Na2So4= .2698g

    Mass of entire salt mixture=1.0038g

    The limiting reactant is SO4 and excess is Ba.

    BaSo4 is the precipitate.

    How do i get the excess reactant!!!
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    Re: Help with Stoich limiting reactant Lab urgent!!

    What are the initial amounts of the reactants? I don't quite understand what the numbers you gave are for.
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    Re: Help with Stoich limiting reactant Lab urgent!!

    As Bohrok wrote - you have failed to explain what the question is. What the lab, what you did, what are these numbers. We are not mind readers.

    It may came usefull, but we are not.

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