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Help with structural formula and resonance structure

  1. Oct 11, 2006 #1
    I dont know what I am doing wrong, plz help.

    2) How many different structual formulas can be written for C6H14

    Include straight chain and branched chain compounds.

    Enter an integer as an answer.

    (I put in 5 but it say that I am wrong)

    3) Which of the following compounds do not require resonance structures to provide a reasonable description ?

    a) OF2

    b) N3-

    c) NH3O

    d) IF5

    e) C2H6O

    (I've tried ade, de, ae and cde. They're all wrong)

    Thank You
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    Can you explain why you chose the answers like that? That way, it'll be easier to help you correct your mistake.
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