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Help with the design of a Crescent Rose weapon

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    hello everyone, me and my son have been slowly working on a design project of our oun. We are trying to build a fully working Crescent Rose (without the razor sharp edges and firing pin to shot bullets) build out of machined metal components or 3D printer. If you don't know what a Crescent Rose is just google it and you will be over loaded with pics of it. For quite some time now me and my kid have been trying to come up with the internal working of the collapsible synth. I would love any and all input from anyone that has ideas on how to build it or how they would get the inner working to work. I was thinking a 3D cad like drawing program to help building the synth into a 3D printable model or at least cnc meachenable (I am not opposed to making the hole thing my hand if need be). If you would like to see the synth unfold go to youtube and look for "RWBY red trailer" or the first episode of "RWBY chapter one ruby rose" about 3:00-3:30 into the video

    any and all feedback is welcome also thank you ahead of time for helping me and my boy out with our pet project
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    Looks like there are a few that have been built on YouTube, maybe check there and on RPForums first?
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    I have seen all the ones on youtube and and wale all of the people have put a lot of time and effort into making them. Me and my boy would like to create something that look a bit more realistic and would work the same way it would in the show (witch my kid keeps pointing out to me) No one has ever made one that folds up like in the show much less made workable plans to get one to work in the manner as the one in the show. Just having help with some planes would make me and my boy thrilled. I have started to work up some rough sketches on graph paper but it's slow going. On a side note i'm a little new to the whole form thing and this is the only one right now that i'm a part of at the moment I was not aware of the rp form and will look into it:bugeye::partytime:
    I do thank you for taking the time to look into it throw
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