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Hexagon Book puzzle that doesnt work

  1. Sep 4, 2009 #1
    Hi guys, I was given a puzzle book resently (Brain Training Puzzles; Difficult Book 1; Carlton) and rather excited cause I really want to get in to logic/maths puzzles. So I have only got a few pages in and saw two grid of hexagons either blue or red and the questions goes:

    "The colour of each hexagon in pattern B (the middle on) is directly related to the colours of pattern A (the left one). Can you apply the same rules to fill in pattern C (the empty grid on the right)"


    Now have tried for ages to figure this out, probably a week, I really didnt want to look at the soulution as I really thought I could solve it. Tried different techniques, I isolated which hexagons didnt colour and tried to see some sort of pattern in them but I could find and general pattern, I did notice that all the red hexagons didnt change had exactly 2 blues and 4 red surrounding them, but that still left the blue hexagons that didnt change!

    So eventuallty today I gave up and looked at the soultion in the back of the book, I have spoilered it to be fair to anyone who does belive their is a solution but you know :D

    If its bordering cells are predominantly blue, a cell becomes blue. If they are red, it becomes red. If the bordering cells are equal in number, the colour of a cell changes

    Now unless I am completly mad that solution doesnt even work for the very first hexagon in the grid (Im staring from the top left hexagon :D). Now if anyone does want to see how they say the final grid (pattern C) should be filled in look below, im hoping spoliers work for images too.(Edit it seems spoilers dont work for images so if you would like to see the image you can copy the image URL from the spoiler :D)


    And if you do apply the rules to pattern B you do infact get pattern C (at least I think so :D) but still thats sort of irrelevant as as far as my mind tells me those rules do not work for patterns A to B. I would really appreciated if anyone can validate that for me, the fact that those rules dont work for patterns A to B. Thanks alot really appreciated.
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    Looking at the top left hexagon in the middle diagram it has three bordering cells,two blue and one red and so it should be blue as in the left diagram.It seems to work for the other cells I have looked at
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    thanks for the reply Dadface
    Yeh so oviously that one disobeys the supposed rules that its supposed to follow, also if you look at one of the blue hexagons around the middle of the diagram in the left diagram, it is completely surround by red hexagons yet it is somehow still blue in the middle diagram pattern?
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    The rules do seem to work but look at the middle diagram first and apply the rules to get the left diagram
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    Ah sorry Dadface, i see now your going from the middle diagram (pattern B) to the left diagram (pattern A), I think actually the rules were supposed to be applied to get from A to B not B to A as you have done, however even if that were the case

    if you look at the left most hexagon of the middle diagram on the second row down surrounded by three reds and one blue and in the left most one it is still blue when it should be red

    but yeh I think its your supposed to get from the left to the middle diagram with the rules, because then your supposed to be able to apply the rules to the middle diagram to then fill in the empty on on the right.
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    Yes I see that.I wonder if there's other cells which don't fit the pattern.Perhaps there's a misprint.I won't look now it's making me go cross eyed
  8. Sep 5, 2009 #7
    Ha dadface no I deffintaly dont want that :D, thanks so much for looking, yeh its just frustrating then really because how can I now trust the rest of the book to be correct, you are probably write that is was a missprint but there may be more :-|, oh well c'est la vie, thanks again dadface :D
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