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Hi, I am an Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering student in Dubai

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    So I am currently in my final year working on my thesis. Below is the details of my thesis topic:

    Metacentric height (Computational)

    It is a simple matter to determine whether a body will float in a liquid, it is not so easy to determine the orientation at which the body will float or the stability of the body in that position. The student undertaking this project will develop a computer program which will determine the metacentric height of a body (a measure of stability of a floating object) made up of a series of basic shapes. Results from the program will be tested against experimental results obtained by testing sample shapes in a water tank.

    So here is the thing. When I try to look up for journals on metacentric height, I don't find anything that is closely related to my topic or is of much help. Any of you know of any journals, books or articles that would be helpful for me? If you could suggest me some books/journals it would be very helpful !
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