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Hi There! I know nothing on physics except spelling it!

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    Hi Super Brains!

    I am a 57 year enthusiast bicycle rider. I am trying to understand the "optimal" or "most efficient" way of riding.
    I am a convinced relatively high cadence rider with average cadence of 95 to 100 with a cruising cadence of 105. That is a good base to create what is for me a sustainable momentum from which, depending on the profile of the road, I either increase or decrease the range and aim at keeping the RPM.

    Do you know of a model a naive user like me could use to calculate the instant power based on the length of the crank and the angle of the crank?

    My naive view is that power could be represented through the combination of two sine curves (one per pedal) and look a bit like rectified unfiltered alternative current. Of course momentum would smooth the curves and the curve would not get to zero for that reason. On a theoretical that could be an acceptable visualization.

    That is my first question for the moment, hopping someone can help an uneducated person who can just spell "Physics".

    Antoine from flat and easy to ride Singapore.
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    Hi Antoine, and welcome to the forum. as you can tell, this is an introduction area and not for asking questions. Please ask your question in the proper forum. If you take the time to read instructions and read and follow the rules, you should do well here.
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