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Hi there, just registered and desperate to learn physics/mathematics!

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    Hey people! My names Josh and have always had an interest in the natural world, physics, and most especially, astronomy and all its related fields. Unfortunately, it stopped there and remained simply as an interest, mere dabblings in fields of knowledge that I really had no comprehension of above the most basic level (preferring to be an ignorant child playing on his xbox all day, neglecting his studies). However recently, over the past couple of years, and with the discovery of Mr Carl Sagan, I have developed an overwhelming hankering for knowledge and understanding on these subjects, but I don't have the foggiest idea of where to start? How to go about learning them? What books to read? Websites? Any help and/or guidance would be greatly, greatly appreciated, though I understand how tiresome these sort of threads must be so I'm really sorry :/

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    Hi, Josh!
    You also need to tell us what your favourite fish is!
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    Ah yes, fish yes. What's your favourite fish?
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    Hey, sorry for only just messaging back, been kinda busy.

    So little its laughable compared to probably everyone here :/, but I'm absolutely desperate to learn and willing to put the effort in, as I've already mentioned.

    Right, I've just bought this book and it does look comprehensible compared to everything else I've been reading. However, are there any other sources on the Internet I could go to for additional assistance? Also, when learning these sorts of subjects what is the best way to memorise (and, more importantly, understand) the information and all the various theory's and hypotheses? I know that might seem a frivolous question, but I'd just like to know input by people who are knowledgeable on it and have went through this learning process.

    My favourite fish? Errm, Great white shark? But if you're talking more ray-finned fishes then I'd probably say the lionfish.
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    I'll do the honor.

    http://files.myopera.com/Chyren/files/fishSlap1a.gif [Broken]

    You are now officially initiated as a PF member. Congratulations. :biggrin:
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    Welcome, Void!

    Please don't feel embarrassed about how little you know. Everyone here: 1) is hoping to be at your level some day, 2) is exactly at your level, or 3) has been at your level.

    So, you're at home :smile:.
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    Astronomy is a vast field of knowledge, it will lead you to astrophysics [an even vaster field of knowledge], and then to cosmology [which looks very much like black magic]. I like NASA's Imagine the Universe site: http://imagine.gsfc.nasa.gov/docs/ask_astro/ask_an_astronomer.html. as an introduction. It will keep you amused for quite awhile and assist in exploring topics you find interesting. Seriously, no one can master all of this information, its too vast.
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    Try this: start with a very general topic. Say, mathematics, or astronomy, or physics... then go to the Wikipedia page on that topic. Read until you see something in blue (a link) that looks interesting, and click. Read until you see something in blue that looks interesting, and click. And so forth. If you get to an article that is either uninteresting or over your head, then go back one step.
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