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Hidden boxthe under the surface of earth is missing

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    i read that if you hide a box under the surface of earth by covering it,then if try to recover it after some hundreds of years you wont find it as box adjusts to other place is it true? explain
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    I suspect this is talking about plate techtonics. And I was going to say that plates simply do not move fast enough. But then I found, at http://hypertextbook.com/facts/ZhenHuang.shtml, that plates can move as fast as 10 cm/year which, over, say, 500 years, would amount to 5000 cm= 50 m. Now, that certainly is enough that you could "lose" an object carried along with the plate.
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    At the same rate as your finger nails grow I have heard.
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    Vanadium 50

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    Where did you read that? We need to establish if it might be true before establishing why it might be true.
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    You would have to bury the box really deep, for the techtonic plate to move without the box. In fact the box would then float away with the magma.
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    Re: hidden box the under the surface of earth is missing

    The problem is that surface objects such as trees, rocks, houses, etc. will all be moving at the same rate and in the same direction so a box buried half way between a tree and a rock will still be half way between the tree and the rock, even if all 3 have moved 50 meters.
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