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High energy proton beam collimation

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    Hi all,

    my question is not strictly related with physics and I don't know if it is the right section.
    Anyway I have a problem with a collimator: I need 100micron (or maybe smaller) collimator, but the high energy (60-70 MeV) of the beam need a material which is at last 5mm thick, (tungsten for example).
    My problem is that I cannot find any workshop able to drill such a small hole on the thickness I need.
    I know I could use a stack of smaller collimators, but who drills the hole do not assemble the stack and I'm quite sure the result could be quite poor...
    Do you know someone who can solve my problem
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    You could try to make two parts (like "left" / "right"), and get the hole as result of their combination.
    Or ask existing accelerator projects how they built their collimators.

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    the left/right thing could be a solution, but anyway it works on thinner materials, I would need the stack anyway.

    Collimators used in accelerator projects ar not so small... :(
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