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High Impact Strength/Low Cost Plastic

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    I'm working on building an enclosure for a machine that is to go on display in a foyer. The machine is about 2x1x1.5m and its primary purpose when switched on is to show how dynamic componants work together. My considerations include:
    • Cost: Need something relatively cheap
    • Strength:High resistance to impact (just in case any components fly off)
    • Acoustic Destortion: Need something that can reduce the noise of the machine as much as possible.
    I've been thinking about a simple clear display box made out of either acrylic or polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is more expensive however has better acoustic destortion(apparantly).

    Is there any other material i can consider? If not, which of the two above is more appropriate?

    Any help would be gladly appreciated
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    Hello and welcome to Physics Forums.

    Polycarbonate is the more appropriate material.

    However you might like to ask the following questions.

    Is all round visibility important or could it be a window in a cheaper (steel/concrete/ply) box?

    Consider the machine. Where is the possible source of flying parts?
    Could the box be made in panels, some thicker than others where the danger is?
    Could part or all be protected by a steel mesh, sandwiched into the panels?
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    You can go to the SABIC Innovative Plastics website


    and perhaps look at their "Specialty Sheet & Film" products or their "Polymershapes" division for structural plastics ideas. Product properties are searchable, but you must register I think.
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