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Plastic shredder for shredding plastic?

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    I am looking into the possibility of making this shredder to shred failed 3D prints, mostly ABS.


    Here is a printed version, which can't shred plastic-


    These are expensive to make in steel, but I was wondering if there was a plastic alternative that could at least handle ABS. Acrylic is pretty hard, and I can cut that on my laser cutter. Polycarbonate might work, though I would need to send it somewhere for CNC. What material properties are the most important for maintaining a sharp edge and resisting wear? Hardness? Impact resistance? At the very least it would need to be very stiff so it won't bend when it should shear.
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    Hello Ian,

    Any plastic is not a good material for this task as all will wear out fast and definitely cannot keep an edge.
    To give you an idea: The lowest steel has a tensile strength of 180 N/mm^2 while the best of the plastics is around 70 N/mm^2 (I do mean a solid piece). ABS has 30-40 and Acrylic has around 60-65. It will wear out in a few passes.

    For holding an edge you need a hard material of which steel is the cheapest one i can think of.
    Seek and purchase something like this in conjunction with some low power tools:

    and remember to use a face mask as breathing in plastic powder is detrimental to your lungs.
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