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High relativistic speed + entanglement

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    A thought exercise:
    You have entangled particles, leave one on Earth and put the other on a spaceship that is moving close to the speed of light. What happens when you change the rotation of one particle or the other? Given that the speed of light is the speed limit to the universe and that all kinds of things happen with time when you go fast, what exactly would happen if you change the rotation or attempt to "communicate" using entanglement? Is there some upper limit at which you can communicate from one entangled particle to another? Would this result in one particle's destruction?
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    Hi typical guy, welcome to PF.

    AFAIK there is no way to use entanglement to communicate or send any information. Since the modern QM laws are Lorentz symmetric entanglement is compatible with special relativity.
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    You can't communicate using entanglement at all. Once one of the particles is detected, the particles are no longer entangled, so "changing" the spin of one does absolutely nothing for you.
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