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  1. S

    B Take on Length Contraction at relativistic speeds

    Hello everyone and apologize if my questions seem a bit off, please have patience with me. I want to have the following, rather simple, thought experiment. Let's say that we have a moving object O with the proper length L, when at rest. Let's say that object O starts moving at 0.9c (90% the...
  2. F

    I Relativistic speed of a rocket with constant thrust

    I try to calculate the speed curve of a relativistic rocket driven by a 100% efficient engine with constant thrust, when traveling to a distant star. All equations I can find consider constant acceleration, which of course is not working, since the ships mass decreases when the fuel is used...
  3. F

    B Length contraction applet - have they got it wrong?

    Hi, I was browsing the internet for interactive simulations illustrating special relativity concepts. It seems to me that those in this KCVS website are mostly nice and clear, although not very "chrome-friendly" (I have to use firefox to play their swf files). I'm having some trouble with...
  4. Arubi Bushlee

    B How Do Electron Orbitals Work at Relativistic Speeds?

    So I was wondering... for no particular reason: Say you have a proton and your right arm is a particle accelerator. You throw the proton at about 90% the speed o' light. The you take your left arm which also happens to be a particle accelerator and you shoot an electron out right next to it...
  5. hackhard

    B Can force change mass keeping velocity const

    can a resultant external force on a body change its mass but keep velocity of its centre of mass constant ? Is it practically possible - ##\vec{F}_{ext}=\vec{v}_{com}\frac{\mathrm{d} M}{\mathrm{d} t}## where F is nonzero
  6. A

    Why do Jet fighter pilots experience a greater G-force?

    Hi! I'm a high school student, aspiring to pursue a career in Astronautical Engineering. I always try and ponder on questions about everyday aerodynamics and physics. So, here's a question from you from an aspiring scholar. It is known that, at high velocities, pilots in super-sonic jet...