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Suggestion Homework Help Thread Status Indicator

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    Maybe it would be cool if there were a thread status indicator icon for threads in the homework section where the OP could designate "unresolved" until they had come to the solution, at which point the thread could be marked "resolved". That way people browsing the homework help sections for people in need of help could easily determine which threads are worth reading. Also, I think threads with no replies get a lot more views than threads with even one or two replies, which can make the opportunities to be helped shrink after what may not have been a helpful reply.
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    We've discussed solutions in the past, the easiest way is with the prefixes, but it's impossible given our edit time constraints.
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    Isn't it suggested somewhere in the rules to post [Resolved] at your thread title when a question is solved?
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    You only should post "Resolved" if you solved it, forgot how you did it, then solved it again.
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    Or if you found two different proofs for the same problem!!
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    A simple, "Thanks for helping me solve this", or "Solved - thanks" as the last post works very nicely.
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    That really is in my opinion a fundamental problem in here for several reasons:

    (1) Apathy on the part of the OP
    (2) Embarrassement on the part of the OP
    (3) They got the answer on another forum and are too lazy to follow up
    (4) Sometimes even I bet if you ask them, "did you get it?" you won't get a reply because they've gone off somwhere to something else

    and I believe the only solution is manual follow-up by mentors or HH who then make a judgement call and mark the post as finished or not but I think that would take too much time to manage not to mention it may insult those who have replied and see their comments were "inadequate". Too bad in my opinion. I personally do not like to see things fall through the cracks.
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