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News House approves U.S.-Mexican border fence

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    :rofl: A fence? This is going to stop illegal immigrants? Right now the problem is that fences are no deterrant as they simply put up makeshift ladders to go over them.

    I LOVE this - "Rep. Peter King (news, bio, voting record), R-N.Y., said the separate fence bill was needed to show Americans "we can take meaningful action to secure the border." :rofl:

    ""We have to come to grips with the fact that our Border Patrol agents need a border fence on our southern border ... where we're now facing infiltration by members of terrorist organizations like Hezbollah," said Rep. Ed Royce (news, bio, voting record), R-Calif." The fence is now for stopping Hezbollah from crossing the border. OK.

    "It also calls for a study of the need for a fence on the U.S.-Canadian border." Ok, now THAT I can understand. :biggrin:

    2-7 billion dollars

    I'm still in disbelief, maybe I'm just too tired to grasp why this makes sense.

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060914/ap_on_go_co/border_security [Broken]
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    700 miles? Thats less than half the border (it might be the part of the border not made by rivers actually....)

    Though the senate bill said 370 miles, which is about 1/4 of the border. And they like amnesty. I think we should give as many criminals amnesty as possible, don't you? A few million should.
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    One question, is the Canadian/American fence intended to keep Canadians out or Americans in? :uhh:
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    Well, I mean, they do have to employ all those illegals to build that fence.
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    It's actually intended to prevent migratory birds from disrespecting international borders! :tongue:
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    Makes me think of a motivational poster I say, espousing teamwork and showing an image of the great wall in china. The lesson I took away from it is that teamwork involves using the bodies of your workers in the most efficient way possible, and remembering that if they die, you don't have to pay them. Teamwork.
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    The poor, confused representative is mistaking Lebanon with Mexico.
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    HAAAAAAH!! :rofl:
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    While we're at it, lets build a giant mesh net around the earth to keep out giant asteroids.
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    :biggrin: Why not, there's just as much chance of that working as the fence. :rolleyes:

    And how much is the projected annual maintenance cost for this fence? Surely we have to patrol the fence for breeches, how much is that going to cost? It's 700 miles long, how are they going to patrol it?

    Or are we supposed to just pretend that it's an unpassable barrier, therefor no need to check for illegals going over it. If we don't look it's not happening, right? According to this, we only need to station border patrols at the ends of the fence, the only place we'll need to watch.

    "Supporters of the new House bill said the new fencing would let Border Patrol agents focus more on apprehending illegal immigrants crossing from Mexico rather than having to man the entire border."
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    Well, we're still waiting for meaningful action. Hey - is that actually possible in Washington, DC? What does someone from NY know about the southern border? :rolleyes:

    OK, this guy got hold of some bad dope, and maybe it was dusted.

    You can? I worried now.

    Oh, OK, you're in disbelief and doubt this makes sense. This is a normal response. I would really worry if you had concluded that this makes sense.

    The last time I check Hezbollah was still in Lebanon, but maybe they and every terroist group are amassing on the southern border in Mexico - disguised as toursitas.

    Uh huh. :rolleyes:
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    This is anecdotal, but alludes to the biggest problem Bush has created with his rhetoric. The names are interchangable, it is all about hate and fear. Hate the immigrant, fear the terrorist.

    It is from minds like Ed Royces, that ideas like this fence come from.

    I certainly hope that the Senate stops this. It is a bad idea on so many levels. I doubt they will, since immigration is the gay-marriage issue of 2006.

    Sometimes watching politics in action depresses me.. :frown:
  14. Sep 15, 2006 #13
    i recall someone saying they were going to use unmaned airal vehicles to monitor the mexican boarder... i think the UAVs used by the us gov cost something like tens of millions of dollars. they are trying to make it look like they are doing a whole lot to monitor this boarder but im not sure if they are actualy trying to spend as little money to the most effect here, but i digress from the wall i think.

    a tall wall including razor wire and some kind of localized disturbance alarm would slow people down a good deal and would give authoritys somewhere to focus their survailance. the cost of puting up a wall like this for as many hundreds of miles would be a lot i expect.

    btw, does anyone know where this wall will actualy be built? will it be right on the boarder or will it be in mecixo a few miles or what?
  15. Sep 15, 2006 #14
    Every modern defense doctrine recognises that barriers are useless unless they and the tactical depth they give can be observed. An indicative fence will show when and where it is disturbed. A stationary or mobile observation device is immediately directed to the location, and a mobile force is directed to the last known location of the trespassers. We use Bedouin trackers that can do wonders with a few disturbed pebbles. A soft sand strip, usually adjacent to the fence makes it easy even for untrained personnel to identify the nature of the intrusion. Patrols can then be limited to a twice-daily routine and the forces on alert can be located further away. UAVs can be a cheaper and even necessary complement when there is a large tactical depth, making it possible for a very small ground force to hold a large area.
    I can't think of a reason to put up a fence on the Canadian border...
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    I'm sure it's to stop terrorists. :rolleyes: And what's to stop people from blowing up part of an unmanned fence? Just doing it to cause a nuisance to the point that constant replacement is needed, this would soon become a nightmare to maintain.

    What about tunneling under the fence?
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  17. Sep 15, 2006 #16
    That is why the barrier needs to be observed. Anyway I think it's preferable to the US that its enemies blow up fences - replacing a fence doesn't normally cost lives. If it becomes a nuisance it will be easier to capture the perpetrators.
    That is a problem. Again, it's better to have your enemies building tunnnels (which are easier to locate the more extensively they're used). If there is enough of a clear area before and after the fence, it would take quite an effort to construct a long enough tunnel. There are various ways to register suspicious movements in a large area empty from people and large animals.
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    since the area isn't moving, i think the cheaper option would be to put a series of cameras along the wall's length.

    i thought about this too actually. the destruction of federal property is a serious offense and enough to persecute the people who did it. right now there are a lot of mexicans who are caught trying to cross the boarder and get nothing more then a free ride back to where they started, no fines, no over night prison time, no nothing. if they got caught trying to blow a whole in the wall, i bet they could get years in prison. aside from that, i don't think the typical illegal immigrant knows how to or is willing to make a large explosive
  19. Sep 15, 2006 #18
    Evo, I really cannot make heads or tails of this:

    Indeed! What could possibly stop a dirt-poor family seeking to cross a desert border from building a large bomb and vaporizing a thirty-meter section of chickenmesh,so as to raise the Americans' maintenance costs? Nothing! We scarce breathe, paralyzed with newfound terror.
  20. Sep 15, 2006 #19
    Prosecute, Persecute, Presecute, Acute, Execute, Insecute, Subsecute, Supersecute, Too Cute?
  21. Sep 15, 2006 #20
    And monitor two million metres of desert. With highly skilled personnel. And rapid-response units every 10km. All in order to drive down cheap labor supply and raise wages (in an economical manner).
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