How a skywriting at night is seen from 50 feet away?

  1. Suppose there's a writing made by many small drones,each carrying a light and together making a writing.

    If the writing is placed at 35 feet height from the viewer and the length is 50 feet from the viewer,how will it appear to the viewer?
    Is there any equation to find this out?

    I know it depends on the lights and the weather too.I want the writing to be big and bright from a distance.Also let me know if there's any easier way to do this.This is a big project for me.Any help is appreciated.

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    I would scale it down with a paper model and see how it looks.

    As an example, draw some letters on a piece of paper with height 17.5 cm and hold the paper 25 cm from your eyes.

    Alternatively you could use a word processor to draw the letters on the screen and then you can change the font size to see how it looks with your eyes 25cm from the screen.
  4. What font size should I use?
  5. jedishrfu

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    Experiment with the sizes and then measure them on screen. If you feel they are readable then you adjust your letter heights as needed. 35ft may be far larger than needed when viewing at 50 ft.
  6. I meant The writing will start at 35 feet.Check the attached image again I modified it.
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    okay, its still the same idea though scale things down, make a model or look for some sign thats readable from a distance and pace off the distance and measure the letters height. This is a similar triangle problem.
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