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How big would a solar power cell need to be

  1. Jun 23, 2009 #1
    How big would a solar power cell need to be...to power a 0.5 A load (240v)? How about 1 A?2? 10? 50?

    Just curious.
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    Watts = Amps x Volts. So for 1 Amp at 240 Volts that's a 240 watt solar cell. A google search brings up some 240 watt solar cells.

    Size of Module (mm) : 1600*1050*40 mm
    Weight Per piece (KG) : 19.5 Kg

    http://www.ecplaza.net/product/182178_978109/240_watt_solar_panel.html [Broken]

    HP240 1580mm x 1068mm x 40mm 20kg


    That's about 1.68 m2 per 1 amp at 240 volts. To get the other sizes just multiply.
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    So you say that a 1.68 m2 pv solar cell area can produce 240 watts, or 143 watts per m2. The available insolation at high noon at sea level is about 1000 watts per m2, so this implies about 14.3% efficiency. Here is a triple-junction solar pv cell that Emcore claims has 27.5% efficiency:
    http://www.emcore.com/assets/photovoltaics/ATJ_datasheet_2009.11.03.pdf [Broken]
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