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How can I access to the following reference?

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    V. A. Belinskii and V. E. Zakharov, Integration of the Einstein Equations by the Inverse Scattering Method and Calculation of Exact Soliton Solutions, Sov. Phys. JETP 48, 985 (1978)

    I cannot access to in via the library in my department. But I need it in my research. Sad...

    The website


    I do not have ID or Password
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    Can't your university library get it for you from another university via interlibrary loan?
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    yicong, I think I have a copy of their preprint somewhere, but the printing is very poor quality, almost completely illegible. Suggest you look instead for the recent (2005) book "Gravitational Solitons", which Belinskii coauthored.
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