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A How can i build a homemade particle accelerator?

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    Hello people, i was thinking about building a homemade particle accelerator but i do not know the materials and specifications to build one, can you guys help me know what thing do i need to buy and how to make one? Thanks
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    Look through the "Similar Discussions" at the bottom of this page first.
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    ...and notice that the DIY particle accelerator threads are closed for safety reasons.

    If you are at university, please contact your professors to get help to safely try this, or to work with an already-built small-scale accelerator. There are just too many safety issues involved for an amateur to try this (high vacuum safety, radiation safety, high voltage safety, etc.).

    There are many more projects that are much safer to work on first. If you eventually end up at university working on an accelerator research team, that would be great. :smile:
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