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homeMADE is an Australian reality television series that aired on the Nine Network. It premiered on 10 May 2009, and episodes aired twice weekly on Tuesdays at 7:30 pm and again at 9:30 pm. The series was presented by David Heimann, who also acted as a mentor to the contestants.
The concept of homeMADE was that two teams of emerging designers renovated two houses in five days, with one eventual winner receiving a prize of $100,000. The winner was announced on 7 July, as Jason from NSW. The designers were judged by Neale Whitaker, Editor-in-Chief of Belle, and interior stylist Sibella Court. Whitaker and Court are joined by guest judges, including Deborah Bibby, Paul Hecker, David Hicks and Greg Natale.

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  1. Ranveer

    Engineering Homemade DC electric motor not working

    Summary : i have tried changing the batteries and wire,but still nothing. The wire is insulated and the coating is removed at the ends of the battery and the point where the wire touches the commutator. I have not counted the number of coils. This is required for a school project. If someone has...
  2. B

    Engineering I need help with my DC Motor Project

    Hi so I'm making a DC motor for my school project and I have no clue why it doesn't work properly. I used copper wire to make the coil (around 50 windings) and put that around a wooden axle (the windings and the coil itself are secured using tape and cable ties), I have a split ring commutator...
  3. C

    Homemade vacuum chamber construction

    I hope you folks can help. I want to be able to pour a liquid from one container into two others in the absence of air. So I was thinking of making some sort of vacuum chamber out of 1/2" polycarbonate and some heavy duty plastic sleeving into which to place my hands and arms. Or am I being...
  4. K

    So who here has tried to make a homemade wind tunnel? My first attempt

    Hello all, i posted this on another forum but didn't get much response, I had an 18” centrifugal fan around around and wanted to see if I can push some real air to make a wind tunnel. I'm just a hobbyist, and like to build and modify cars, figured this would be something to look into. Looks...
  5. hi8192

    I getting my homemade DC motor to work (school project)

    hi everyone, i need to build a dc motor for my school project. I have used copper wire for the turns (60 turns), wood to build the structure of the armature and commutator. i have used neodymium magnets as my permanent magnets and paper clips as the brushes. I tried using a 9v battery with a...
  6. P

    Why is my homemade DC motor not working?

    Summary:: I have built a DC motor as a physics project, it has neodymium magnets, copper split ring commutator and insulated copper wire. It connected to a 12v power pack. There is definitely a proper current flowing because it creates sparks and the copper coil becomes hot. When I turned on...
  7. I

    Construction Homemade particle accelerator

    I have very little knowledge on engineering or electrical engineering at the moment, which is why I would like to learn more about it. I have read many articles on them but I am still unclear of some of the materials required for something like this. I am very unqualified to be discussing...
  8. M

    Construction Homemade tripod tree stump/root puller design

    WHAT: I'm designing a simple tree stump puller. It consists of a tripod made of square (or round, if it's easier) steel tubing with a winch at the top. The cable from the winch drops down, attaches to the stump, then pulls the stump upward. DIMENSIONS: The top of the tripod, where the winch...
  9. C

    Optical Simple homemade Raman spectrometer / microscope

    Hello everyone, I am attempting to make a Raman spectrometer which can double as a microscope. It uses a 532nm laser for excitation, an infinity-corrected microscope objective to collimate the light, a 200 lines/mm diffraction grating, and a confocal lens pinhole setup. A 5 megapixel camera ...
  10. gregory112

    Troubleshooting a homemade Van de Graaff machine

    I'm trying to build a Van de Graaff generator, but it does not generate any charges. The problem is, I don't know which part is accidentally shorted, or grounded. I use both PVC pipes for the top and bottom rollers. The belt is neoprene rubber, 1mm thick. The rollers are bolted on aluminum...
  11. L

    HVAC Efficiency of a homemade Air Conditioning unit

    Hi guys, I used to post on here quite a bit back in 2005-2007 when I was studying Physics in school, I remember it always being a great resource so hopefully I can get some similar help with this "real life" problem I'm having now! We are having a mini-heatwave here in the UK the last few...
  12. paradisePhysicist

    Homemade solenoids and professional solenoids

    Hi. I tried to make a homemade solenoid and it sucks. The copper has tight little humps in it and it wants to spring out of the compressed coil configuration instead of staying compressed onto the iron. I looked on youtube but I haven't found any good tutorials yet. What is the best way to make...
  13. G

    Chemical/Paint Make Your Own Refillable Aerosol Spray Can

    Hello. I want to make a own refillable aerosol spray can, but I don’t know really how to do it. I’ve seen quite a few videos/tutorials on youtube where people attach a bicycle valve with epoxy to a spray can and use compressed air to pressurize it. But I want the gas to be...
  14. akaliuseheal

    Homemade capacitive sensor

    Hello, I have made a capacitive water level sensor. It is a parallel plate capacitor. While measuring the capacitance of my sensor, I measure 53 pF. I then leave it for couple of minutes, still conected to the meter, capacitance then rises to 54 pF. Capacitance is slowly increasing. Why is...
  15. mariost

    Electrical My Homemade Battery Spot Welder

    A very useful homemade construction. We can safely connect all kinds of rechargeable batteries. We need a car battery between 35-44 Ah (Here the battery is 100 Ah but we don't need so much current) , a strong relay from a scooter or a motorbike or from a...
  16. N

    Homemade cloud chamber not working

    I am a HS teacher working with a class of seniors on building a cloud bubble chamber. I have mostly used this article to guide us, but the students have also done research and have found many articles and videos as well. We are using a small plastic fish tank with felt super-glued to the...
  17. nova_n

    Electrical Why is my homemade generator not working?

    Hello! first post! So my copper wire is 24 gauge, aka 0.51mm diameter. And the spool was filled to the full volume of the cylinder. In the finalized coil, the portion in between the walls is 7.75cm in length, and the coil(not the black walls) is 7.5 cm. I found that by taking the diameter of...
  18. sophiecentaur

    Auto/Motor Homemade telescopic damper

    This is not actually an automotive project but the thread should suit practical petrolheads and the like, I think. My problem is that our front garden gate needs a strong spring so that it will shut and latch itself reliably and prevent our (visiting) dog from getting out onto a fairly busy...
  19. B

    Homemade electromagnet, considerations - strength

    I'm making a solenoid electromagnet for gcse demonstration purposes and I'm trying to get a strong:muscle:, clear magnetic effect. I'v wrapped about 100 turns of enamel plated copper wire around a 4" bolt and also a 4" ferrite rod, and am applying 9v DC from a pp3 battery cell. In both cases...
  20. Adem

    Need help with a homemade DC motor

    Hey guys I need help with my homemade DC Motor, as it doesn’t work, pic is uploaded Thanks
  21. A

    Amplifying the voltage from a homemade battery.... In rural Africa

    Hi PF! Though I've lurked here for some time, this is the first time I've created an account. I'm a volunteer in a country in West Africa. The school I teach at has a tiny library with 4 small dell PC's and a printer that were donated some time ago. A grant was used years ago to buy a battery...
  22. reese houseknecht

    Calculating how to make a homemade capacitor

    Ok, so I am am trying to make a homemade capacitor that is 4700pf and 15kv. polyester at 125 micrometers thick can withstand 15kv so were good. here is the equation i used C=ε0 K A / D Where C = capacitance, ε0 is epsilons constant, K = dielectric constant, A = area of aluminum foil, and D is...
  23. L

    DIY Heat Exchanger: Efficiently Heat Your Garage with Homemade Solution

    Looking to make a heat exchanger so that I can have a less than adequately antifreeze treated water (easily over 750 gallons, so very expensive) from the outdoor wood boiler constantly circulating through a water jacket, and heat an adequately treated fluid (glycol treated water) and can turn...
  24. ISamson

    Electrical Homemade, easy, DIY, wireless, IoT and Bluetooth?

    Hello. From my reasoning, I understand that at the most basic levels all electronics are made out of transistors, wires, capacitors... So I was wondering if it would be possible to make an easy, homemade DIY wireless, IoT or bluetooth connected piece of electronic just by using wires...
  25. patric44

    Discharging argon gas with a homemade tesla coil

    hello guys i made a small crude tesla coil ( slayer exiter ) and i tried it on multiple gas tubes that i had and i have been able to discharge neon , argon but i have a question : how strong the electric field needed to discharge argon gas ?
  26. ISamson

    Build a Homemade Radio Receiver from Common Materials

    Hello, I am interested in making a homemade radio receiver out of common materials. Do you have any suggestions or websites I could get some ideas from? Thanks. I.
  27. C

    I Optimizing homemade ice cream freezing with brine

    This question involves a bit of background, so please be patient. I understand that the heat absorbed by ice's phase change from solid to liquid is much greater than the amount that results from the difference in temperature of the ice and the ice cream batter. So the primary cooling effect is...
  28. eigenmax

    B Is my Cockcroft-Walton accelerator design correct?

    I am building a Cockcroft-Walton accelerator for a science fair project, so how does this design sound? Starting from the top, there is a polished steel terminal, like a VDG terminal. Inside here is the proton source and power supply to the source (the source is a hydrogen discharge tube) . The...
  29. AdrianMachin

    Misc. DIY homemade Crooke's radiometer?

    Is there any way to make one at home?
  30. TheQuietOne

    Homemade electroscope help

    I want to make a electroscope but tried googling it and none made my criteria. What I want is a homemade electroscope that will give me a measurement, please tell what I would need and possibly a how to. Thank you
  31. F

    Using a fountain pen for homemade conductive ink

    I've recently found out about conductive ink and thought i'd make some at home with charcoal. However most guides online always keep using brushes and such and their mix seems to be very low adhesive properties. Therefor, I have two questions. Is there a way to make it more like a traditional...
  32. Armando Valle

    A How can i build a homemade particle accelerator?

    Hello people, i was thinking about building a homemade particle accelerator but i do not know the materials and specifications to build one, can you guys help me know what thing do i need to buy and how to make one? Thanks
  33. T

    Can I Make a Homemade Electric Bicycle Using Parts from Broken Appliances?

    I started learning solidworks at my school and got this idea for a folding bicycle as I need one and they're really expensive. I was planning on modeling it after a montague paratrooper bike. Then I thought I could put an electric motor on the rear wheels either by a sprocket or by just...
  34. J

    Lighting up a 5mm LED using a homemade battery

    Homework Statement I'm currently doing a mini project as an assignment in my engineering course. I tried replicating the coin battery, where I stack a piece of cardboard soaked in black vinegar (couldn't find white vinegar), a piece of aluminium foil, then a 20 sen coin (Malaysian...
  35. L

    Homemade Reactive Archery Target

    Hello, I'm making a homemade archery target that will flash a light every time the target has been pierced. I'm thinking of using the idea behind resistive touch screen technology. So every time the arrow pierces a resistive layer would contact a conductive layer and increase the resistance of...
  36. M

    Air chemical analysis "homemade"?

    I have a steelworks nearby my home. Is it possible to perform an air analysis in order to know how much the air is polluted? Which instrument do I need ? Are there cheap possibilities? Thanks a lot in advance for your help!
  37. K.Callaghan

    Battery question -- Homemade battery not working

    I was wondering if anyone could help me out here, Ive built a simple battery, using two separate types of metal (copper and zinc). Using a voltage meter I can clearly see a stable reading of 1.5 volts when connecting to the anode and cathode, however when testing this on a small moter which runs...
  38. itoero

    Homemade ferrofluid in bottle

    I ordered MICR toner powder and want to make a ferromagnetic fluid and keep it in a bottle. -First I need to make the ferrofluid. I mix MICR toner with vegetable oil (or oleic acid) or kerosene. Which of the two should I use? What's the difference? -I will put the ferrofluid in water. On...
  39. J

    Estimate diffraction angle - homemade spectrometer

    Homework Statement Estimate the diffraction angle. The spectrometer is made from rolling up a 30cm long piece of cardboard into a tube. Duct tape is placed over one end, and a thin slit is made. The other end has a diffraction grating held in place. I look through the diffraction grating and...
  40. P

    Homemade Cosmic Microwave Background detector

    Hi Guys, I studied physics for my bachelor but still I am not a super expert, although I am still working closely to physics (but not so much astronomy). I was wondering if it would be possible to build a radio, or some other devise (any ideas?) that could be tuned at the frequency where the...
  41. Ygggdrasil

    News 9th Grader Arrested for Bringing Homemade Clock to School

    http://www.dallasnews.com/news/community-news/northwest-dallas-county/headlines/20150915-irving-9th-grader-arrested-after-taking-homemade-clock-to-school.ece?hootPostID=532c3696eb235a3f481ed45f733e6d90 [Broken] Of course, this comes from a city, Irving, TX, with a mayor who has been an...
  42. D

    Maximum voltage and current values for building a DC motor

    Hello, I am building a large DC motor for a Go-kart. I have a question: How would I know how much voltage and current (the maximum values I can use) I need to make the DC motor work and spin? I'm guessing the armature size and the winded wire's length depends on how much voltage and current...
  43. Dvorak

    How to make peltier plates?

    Hey how can we make peltier tiles or plates at home with some less costing materials. Please explain with pictures. Thanks in advance!
  44. V

    Stargazing Create homemade reflector telescope by own

    Can anyone please provide some web links or tips for making a homemade reflecting telescopes by own?
  45. J

    I built a 3 stage PWM solar charger using an arduino

    I am an electrical engineering student. I have been on summer break for a few weeks now and I had time to work on my project. This is not a school project but something I had wanted to complete for a while. I haven’t decided what I am going to do with it yet. I just built it for the fun of it...
  46. lonely_nucleus

    Homemade battery packs 48volts

    is it safe to wire like 4 turnigy 11volt 2200mah 25c lithium polymer batteries in series and 4 in parrell using dean connectors? The reason I am asking is becuase I see some battery packs online that are expensive for the power they output. If lithium polymer is unsafe is it safe to use smaller...
  47. skepticwulf

    A homemade capacitor question, Vf/2

    Homework Statement A homemade capacitor is assembled by placing two 9-in. pie pans 4 cm apart and connecting them to the opposite terminals of a 9-V battery. Estimate (c) the electric field halfway between the plates. Homework Equations V=E x d The Attempt at a Solution As it says "halfway" I...
  48. R

    Limiting the effects of a pivot point? Homemade project

    After a wrist injury I had to stop lifting weights. This was annoying so I decided to make an arm brace that would transfer the weight of a dumbbell through my forearm rather than through my hand and wrist (with the help from my local metal works). I've now got the brace and its perfect, aside...
  49. B

    Homemade Supercapacitor Capacitance test --

    Hi all, My friend and I have created a homemade supercapacitor. It can power a LED light and small alarm clock. We charged it up to 1.5 Volts. I was wondering if anyone knew how to find the exact capacitance in Farads, any help will be appreciated. I have added the steps that we have taken in...