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How can I find topics to write college essays?

  1. Jun 2, 2016 #1

    I was reading a book by Cal Newport which advises students on how to study in college. There's a whole section devoted to writing college essays, and how to research and collect material for it. The prospect of applying those ideas and writing essays excited me.

    In the college system I'm in, we aren't assigned essays. So, I'd like to undertake this assignment independently. I need a source of good topics to write about. When I was reading Kenneth Rosen's Discrete Mathematics, there were suggestions for essays at the end of every chapter. I'm looking for similar kind of questions.

    The reason I'm undertaking this is to improve my writing and my knowledge of mathematics. I like writing a lot but haven't written much after I choose Science after tenth grade. I want to write some books someday (Preferably on popular Maths or problem solving). This exercise would give me an opportunity to improve both my writing and my mathematical knowledge.

    Also, give me some advice on how I can write good college level essays since I have no standard to compare myself with. It would also be a totally new thing for me.
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    Thanks for the book recommendation.
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