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How can i obtain the instructor's solutions manual to textbooks?

  1. Jun 21, 2007 #1
    I think having them along with me would be excellent supplements.

    how can i obtain my own personal copy if they are not readily available on ebay or amazon?

    specifically, i am looking for an instructor's solutions manual to "chemistry" by martin silberberg.
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    The publishers will not sell them to students. Neither can a teacher purchase the solution manuals from the companies without doing so directly in association with an educational institution. Try eBay or Amazon, as you guess. Also, you could be lucky and find a solutions manual book at a used book sale in a public library or college library.

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    Solve the exercices, and become and instructor yourself. !
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    We don't generally encourage cheating here, I wouldn't be too surprised if this thread is locked soon.
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    Doc Al

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