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The Monster Manual (MM) is the primary bestiary sourcebook for monsters in the Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) fantasy role-playing game, first published in 1977 by TSR. It includes monsters derived from mythology and folklore, as well as creatures created specifically for D&D. It describes each with game-specific statistics (such as the monster's level or number of hit dice), and a brief description of its habits and habitats. Most of the entries also have an image of the creature. Along with the Player's Handbook and Dungeon Master's Guide, it is one of the three "core rulebooks" in most editions of the D&D game. Several editions of the Monster Manual have been released for each edition of D&D. It was the first hardcover book of the D&D series. Due to the level of detail and illustration included, it was cited as a pivotal example of a new style of wargame books. Future editions would draw on various sources and act as a compendium of published monsters.

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  1. emilmammadzada

    Absorbed dose: organ dose manual calculation

    Dear Experts . How can I calculate the absorbed dose for any organ with mathematical formulas? For example, radio nuclide Ra -223 ,organ liver, time 1 hour , activity 1MBq.What methods can I use? Is there a pdf or book about it?
  2. JamesBennettBeta

    Machine Dynamics: Manual Air Pump Calculation (please check my answer)

    mentor note: moved from ME forum hence no HW template. Summary:: I am stuck into this problem for almost a week now. I think I solved it, but it seems something is wrong. Can someone point me, what is wrong here. It'll be so much helpful. I am stuck into this problem for almost a week now. I...
  3. K

    Job Skills What next for manual gearbox design engineers?

    Simple questions are sometimes difficult to ask. I am a mechanical design engineer of automotive gearboxes with a UG qualification and 12 years of experience. My core expertise is into gears and special interest in NVH. In the recent years I see the automotive OEMs cutting down research cost of...
  4. yucheng

    Number Theory Solution manual for Ivan Niven's An Introduction to the Theory of Num

    I am self-studying Ivan Niven's An Introduction to the Theory of Numbers. Unfortunately, I find myself stuck while doing the problems. With this in mind, I would like to ask whether anyone here has the solution manual for Niven's textbook. Hopefully a softcopy version is available? Thank you in...
  5. favphysics

    Chemistry Where can I buy Solutions Manual of Whitten’s Chemistry by Whitten

    Hello everyone! Where can I buy Solutions Manual of Whitten’s Chemistry by Whitten & Davis | 10th edition ? Thank You!
  6. L

    Geometry Solution manual for Loring Tu book

    Hi, Is there any solution manual for Tu's "Introduction to manifolds", available in the net?
  7. A

    Misc. Paper folding manual machine - plan folding

    Hello everyone! I am trying to replicate a folding machine, just as a fun project for home use. I understand this simple idea of a folding machine, and I know which measurements I should take. The question behind this project that I simply can´t understand is the spring linear clamp which...
  8. S

    A The concepts of "quasimanual" and "manual" in logic

    The paper https://www.whitman.edu/Documents/Academics/Mathematics/klipfel.pdf (beginning page 2``1) describes a model for experiments based (it says) on the book An Introduction To Hilbert Space and Quantum Logic https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1461388430/?tag=pfamazon01-20. This approach...
  9. H

    Quantum Mechanics B.H. Bransden Textbook- Solutions Manual

    I'd really appreciate it if someone could tell me where to obtain the solutions manual for Bransden and Joachin QM as I've been having a go at the problems.
  10. C

    MHB Wacky explanation in a student solutions manual for manipulating an equation

    In the answer book to Stewart's College Algebra 4th Edition, question 47 in Review for Chapter 2, it takes me, in a distance/rate/time problem, from 4/(r+8) + 2.5/(r) = 1 (which I got), to this common denominator procedure: "Multiplying by 2r(r+8), we get..." WHERE DID THEY GET THE "2"? It...
  11. A

    Pressure and a Manual Valve's Effect on Pressure

    Think that there is 6 bar air (or water) feeding the system and there is a manuel valve before air comes to regulator. My question is that if I open the manuel valve half position do I change pressure (reduce it) or just reduce the flow ? For example, I have pneumatic valve whose working...
  12. A

    Relativity Where Can Hobbyists Access the Full Solutions Manual for 'A First Course in General Relativity' by Schutz?

    I'm self-studying various physics topics (as a hobby) and currently enjoying "A first course in general relativity" by Schutz. I also have the students manual for this book by Scott which provides the answers to a selection of the exercises in the book as well as some additional material. For...
  13. flyguille

    B Physics in a manual angle grinder machine

    First, I am not a physician (just a normal guy from Argentina), and I know the short answer for the following question is "it isgyroscopic effect". But why?... My original question was: "I feel the effect when using "motor angle grinder", when turn off, you can move it any direction easy, when...
  14. Michael Koch

    Wanted: Instructions for Leybold PGA 100 mass spectrometer

    I have a Leybold PGA 100 mass spectrometer, including the instruction manual. The instrument is paired with a gauge head. If either the instrument or the gauge head is exchanged, then an alignment is required. It's mentioned in the instruction manual there exists a supplement, which contains the...
  15. F

    Pin A & C: Why No Y Component in Solution Manual?

    Homework Statement Pin A and C are the same, however in the solution manual it shows that C does not have a y component. Why is that? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution
  16. H

    Haynes manual wiring schematic is confusing the....

    hell out of me :( please help: I have a Haynes manual for my motorbike and am trying to make sense of the wiring diagram but it's really annoying me why there are no legends apart from the wiring, no explanations of the tables etc, Every paragraph is referring to the image directly above it...
  17. C

    I Force Needed to Push a Manual Treadmill

    I apologize if this is in the wrong thread, I'm new. I need to figure out how hard it would be for Jim to move the treadmill treads along its track of bearings. This isn't for homework, it's just something I want to know. Jim weighs 160 lbs. The rope isn't holding him up, it's there for him to...
  18. W

    Quantum Solutions Manual: Bransden's QM 2nd ed?

    Hi all, does anyone know if Bransden's book has a solutions manual out there somewhere? I would loathe to go through the chapters before realising that I can't find solutions to its exercises. If not, are there QM texts out there with a similar scope to this book that do have solutions manuals...
  19. C

    A Warren X-ray difrraction solutions manual

    Does anyone knows where I could find the answer to the problems in the classical book on x ray Diffraction by B. E. Warren "X-ray Diffraction" ? It's not an easy-to-read book so I think that checking my solutions to the problems would be really helpful. thanks
  20. R

    Was the Second Driver Speeding in the Collision?

    Homework Statement A police officer is attempting to reconstruct an accident in which a car traveling southward with a speed of 23 mph colided with another car of equal mass traveling eastward at an uknown speed. After the collision, the two cars coupled and slid at an angle of 60 degrees south...
  21. W

    Force required to move the wheels on a manual wheelchair

    Hi, I'm trying to calculate the force required to move the wheel on a standard wheelchair from stand still and then consistently over a flat surface? I understand that this has to with the amount of weight that is trying to be moved, this being the weight of the user (approx. 68kg) and the...
  22. RaulTheUCSCSlug

    Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences (alternative?)

    Is there any alternative books that teach you how to just do the problems rather than emphasizing why, and is there any books that emphasize why in an easier format? Something like a "mathematical methods for dummies" book? This is the book I'm referring to (...
  23. J

    Classical Man Made World Laboratory Manual - anyone for sale?

    I would like to buy a copy (cheap) of the Laboratory Manual for Man Made World - preferably 2nd edition but I will take the 1968. Thank You
  24. czachcross

    Build Your Own Leaf Shredder with the Help of a Mechanical Engineer

    I'd like to build a leaf shredder like this: http://dbco-op.org/dry-shredder/ I'm not a mechanical engineer and my first question is who would I ask to either make one for me or help me figure it out? Is this a tool a mechanical engineer would build?
  25. L

    Can you suggest a probability and statistics manual?

    Hello, I am a student in the Actuarial bachelor's degree. I've just finished my Stats and Probabilities class in which we completed the Introduction to Probability book by Ross. I really enjoyed this class and would like to continue studying this branch can you suggest a book that continues...
  26. D

    Micrometer Linear Actuator with manual adjustment knob

    I'm trying to put together an automated system for an optical assembly process. The base unit consists of a set of three-axis Thorlabs translation stages and manual micrometer handles for adjustment in X Y and Z. I need to control the Z axis motion with a linear actuator instead of the manual...
  27. P

    Best way to use solution manual to learn

    What's up PF, I hope everyone's enjoying the summer so far. My studying habit last semester was disastrous, so I am trying to build a good habit over the summer. I feel that as I have the solution manual available, I might not learn to solve problems if I get to use it frequently, but I also...
  28. Y

    Publish your own Solutions Manual?

    Hi, So several semesters ago I was able to solve every problem from my MATLAB textbook and still have the file. I was wondering what would be the protocol on publishing this material. Not for profit or anything, just host it online some were. I believe that my answers are correct, but I'm sure...
  29. N

    Mossbauer data analysis - folding

    Hi there, this looks like a great forum :-) I would need help with the folding procedure for raw data from mossbauer spectroscopy. Our software doesn't, for some reason, fold the data correctly, so we want to attempt a manual procedure. But how do we determine the correct sense/direction of...
  30. A

    Special Relativity, French, solutions manual

    I'm currently reading Special Relativity, the famous book on this subject by French. The book does contain a nice set of problems for each chapter and corresponding answers at the end of the book. The issue I have with the answers though is that they are mostly just the correct answers, there...
  31. PhizKid

    My professor takes manual attendance for 150+ students

    So at the beginning of every lecture, my professor calls out our names one by one to take attendance because attendance/participation is 15% of our grade, even though there are over 150 registered students in this lecture hall.. :(
  32. C

    A good chemistry/org chem. Lab manual?

    Hi, I'm looking for a good chemistry lab manual/book that discribes how the general lab equipment works (with pictures and illustrations) how to use it, and perhaps some good lab techniques. What books can you all recommend?
  33. Monique

    Rent a manual stick shift car in US?

    I'm curious whether it is at all possible to rent a stick shift car in the US, or are they all automatic? I just received my driving license and I'd like to practice, so a road trip is on my list. I need a vacation anyway :biggrin: The problem is that in Europe (the countries I checked) I need...
  34. N

    Best way to learn - use the solution manual often or not?

    So what is the best way to learn physics, math etc.: Do loads of problems by using the solutions manual every time you get stuck? or Do few problems but use the solution rarely, rather getting unstuck by thinking hard? Thoughts?
  35. J

    Medical Asperger's dropped from revised diagnosis manual

    Yahoo If the quote is correct, then Asperger's is not the only disorder to be dropped, but autism as well. All are to become Autism Spectrum Disorder. I wonder what the diagnostic criteria will be so as to include such a wide spectrum under a single label.
  36. bistan

    Solutions Manual for Basic Mathematics by Serge Lang?

    I've been googling all over for a solutions manual to the book Basic Mathematics by Serge Lang, but I've only been able to find one for his book on geometry. It's not a terrible problem, but I'm using the book for self-study. At first it seemed that any exercise with multiple parts had at least...
  37. R

    Manual or automatic save power in water heater geyser

    Water heater geyser(15 lit) for bathroom. We use geyser from morning 6am to 11:30 am only. So which would save power keeping the geyser on automatic mode or turning it "ON" in the morning and turning it off at 11:30 am. I know for e.g if the temp is set to 60 deg, on automatic mode...
  38. C

    Techniques for Manual Assembly of Layered Coils/Windings

    Hi everybody, I've been reading most literature I can find on the theory and practice of creating inductive/electromagnetic coils. Nearly all sources mention creating multiple layers of wound wire (often mentioning to add an insulating coating/wrapping in between), but only on source...
  39. F

    Griffith's Solutions Manual: To Copy or not to Copy?

    Hi, This isn't a homework problem per say but a question about the homework problems in textbooks assigned to upper-division undergraduates. To give some context: I am currently taking my last quarter of EM and using Griffith's book. Since the solution manual is very easily found online...
  40. X

    Best way to use a solution manual?

    What do you guys think is the best way to use a solution manual while solving problems? I'm asking because I will be studying on my own challenging physics physics problems over the summer and I got the manual for them. thanks.
  41. H

    Weird physics statement in driver safety manual

    Hi everyone, I'm taking an online "Driver Safety" course and came across this gem: "Here is an example of how disastrous the force of impact can be: If you weigh 100 pounds, are traveling at 30 mph, and hit a stationary object, the force of impact is 3000 pounds (mass multiplied by...
  42. B

    Confused About Manual Calculation of r & θ

    i tried evaluating this http://www4a.wolframalpha.com/Calculate/MSP/MSP47881a005158fa72fi31000026df4f1iaf7g05e7?MSPStoreType=image/gif&s=49&w=109&h=39 and the correct answer r = 1.1147 and theta = 75.9 however, i tried to do it manually and ended with this...
  43. A

    Manual or Automatic cars accelerate faster?

    We have a long debate on which transmission can accelerate faster. My idea is manual and I drive a manual, and I could pass other AT car (same capacity) quite easily. But some say automatic because the auto shift is very short. How about your idea?
  44. S

    Questions about driving a manual car?

    Hello everyone, I have never driven a manual car before and just drove one for like 10 minutes once and I have some questions because I don't know what's going on? 1. In a manual car after you engage the clutch can you keep your left foot away from clutch and then only use right foot to...
  45. D

    Using an instructor's solutions manual considered cheating?

    If yes, why? My professor does not assign any problem sets out of the exercises in the back, and yet, does not allow students to purchase the instructor's solutions manual. The student's solutions manual only has a handful of worked exercises and in most cases, does not have the answers for the...
  46. V

    Geewiz help manual + fuel bundle question

    I have to admit that I've never used this Geewiz and SCALE before, so I'm starting out low here. I'm wondring if anyone has the geewiz help manual available? I get a error when I click help inside the program, and geewiz can't find the file geewizhelp.chm. If there is a short introduction /...
  47. J

    Mechanics: Manual Drill Eccentricity

    Homework Statement In order to manually drill a hole, as shown below, it is important to keep the drill perpendicular to the surface. The drill is spun by a 30-lbf force applied downward at the handle at B, while pressure on the bit at A is obtained by applying a 10-lbf force along the x-axis...
  48. F

    Solutions Manual for Physical Biology of the Cell

    Does anyone have a solutions manual for the biophysics textbook, Physical Biology of the Cell. Or a link/login info for an online copy?
  49. P

    Confused about this solution manual approach-link included

    Homework Statement http://kellykemnitz.com/college/Spring%202011/PHYS%20214/PhysicsSolution/Chap%2022%20SM.pdf Problem #22 They chose dq to be in the 1st quadrant, what if I chose dq in any of the other quadrants? Wouldn't that be right also? But that would change the signs of the answer.
  50. S

    What does a clutch in a manual car do and how it works?

    Hello everyone, I don't know if this is the right section to post this but I want to know what does the clutch in a manual car do. I have absolutely zero knowledge on car mechanics and would be greatful if someone can explain this to me simply. 1. Why do you need a clutch? I don't...