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Publish your own Solutions Manual?

  1. Feb 3, 2015 #1

    So several semesters ago I was able to solve every problem from my MATLAB textbook and still have the file. I was wondering what would be the protocol on publishing this material. Not for profit or anything, just host it online some were. I believe that my answers are correct, but I'm sure it's not the bible or anything and would include a statement in the beginning of the code letting people to let me know that if they found a error to contact me. All the solutions are mine and my own material. I had no help from others and solved these problems before actually taking the course under the instructor. I did not included the questions themselves in my file, just the answers. So I don't see why this would be a copy right violation, since all the material is mine.

    I've seen other things like this online before were a independent person posts something online of their solutions to all the problems in the book.

    I don't want to just delete this solutions manual and would like to share it with others to help them learn the material. I believe that it might also look good on a resume? As self publishing a solutions manual to a degree related course?

    Any ideas?

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    Maybe contact the author of the textbook and work out something?
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