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How can i stick metal nanoparticles on glass?

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    to caracterize for exple metallic nanoparticles with SEM i should deposite them on a substrate
    i tried a deposition on glass substrate but it doesn't work and i see nothing
    can anyone help me or suggest an appropriate solution to that
    best regards
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    Your previous posts have indicated you're trying to make colloidal gold. Do you know the concentration of nanoparticles in your solution? If your solution is concentrated enough to be colored, you should be able to just dropcast NPs onto a glass slide. But for SEM, glass is a bad idea: it's an insulator, so it'll charge like crazy. There are ways to do non-conductive SEM, but I'm not too familiar with them (I think they involve low voltages = lower resolution). TEM might be a better option, as the structures you're looking for will probably be less than 100 nm. AFM is another option, but it can be challenging differentiating between nanoparticles and ordinary dirt.
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    Actually my solution is not that much concentrated when i deposit a drop it's almost colorless
    thank you for other informations it's very interesting
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    Have you tried layer-by-layer (LBL) method? See references by Kotov, et. al.
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