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How can I store swabbed samples for later use?

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    I wondering how I could go about storing a sterile swab of of desk or surface so I could later transfer it to a Petri dish.

    Is it sufficient enough to just stick the cotton swab back in the sterile paper it came with or must I do something different?
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    Autoclaved test tube with parafilm and stick it in a fridge? Once you open the sterile paper, it's not really sterile anymore. I think that's your safest bet.
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    What about if I am on the go and there is no refrigeration available?

    Thank for the response!
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    I think that would depend on how long "later" is, but they'd probably be fine sealed that way at room temperature. From what I've read, some nitrifying bacteria can last 10 weeks without ammonium.


    Bacteria are pretty hardy and they'd probably go into stasis and be just fine. Fungal spores would last quite a long time, too.

    You could seal the swab tips in Eppendorf tubes instead of test tubes, too.
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