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How can I survive the future if I have language disorder?

  1. May 20, 2013 #1
    Hello, I was diagnosed with language disorder(learning disability) since I was a kindergarten. I am having alot of trouble with reading and writing, and also have poor communication skills when it comes to meet people in general. It also affects my schoolwork no matter what subject I'm taking. However, the only thing I'm good at is math and I love using computers(building/fixing/networking) etc. The only drawback for liking computer is programming because I'm having a difficult time with language arts/critical thinking. I started programming back in 2006, and until this time, I find out that I don't like programming.

    Back in community college, i don't know what I want to be until 3 years later, I decided to choose computer engineering, but since I'm not really good at programming I'm thinking about switching to Electrical engineering since I'm interested in circuits.

    Because of my learning disability, what worries me is I am unable to understand things by expressing and receiving things. The easiest way that I can learn and understand is by seeing things. For example, I ask my professor/students for help. Whenever he/she explains it to me, I confused myself because of English, so he had to write down a piece of paper to show me what he's talking about. Same thing happen when I try to help people by explaining things, but they don't understand what I'm saying, so I have to show them writing down a piece of paper.

    Language disorder is my main drawback for learning/understanding things, should I be too concerned about this?

    I did okay in physics, but I don't really want to switch out EE because there are no majors I like besides this.

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    Simon Bridge

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    Yes - you already know this: you need to use strategies to lessen the effects or seek work in situations where it won't matter. I suspect the biggest problem will be when you are interviewed for a position - your prospective employer will ask you to explain some things for eg. You will need to be prepared.

    Take heart: lots of people live their lives with some disorder though - some of them quite staggering.
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    I don't know what sort of language disorder you were diagnosed with, but as far as written communication is concerned, you are above average, IMO. I also would not let this diagnosis inhibit me in planning a future career. Given your age at the time of diagnosis, I would also not treat it as definitive for whatever condition your parents were told you have, nor what you think you might have. If you are convinced that this condition will limit you, now that you are older, I would urge you to seek a second opinion. This diagnosis is not something for which one has incontrovertible physical evidence, like a broken leg.
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