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How come my mobile phone recharged in 5 minutes?

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    How come my mobile phone recharged in 5 minutes?

    On monday i had accidently left my phone on all day, and the batteries were almost empty. Then i forgot to recharge it in the evening, and the next morning was only able to do so for 5 minutes. When i unplugged it after 5 minutes, the batteries were fully charged and they have been so for the last 3 days!!

    How can this be possible?
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    The indicator lies. It may not be fully charged.
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    I'm sure the indicator is lying, how long have you had the phone?

    Lithium Ion batteries tend to go bad after a certain amount of cycles. My old phone used to be like that too after having it for a while.
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    Ive had the phone for 5 years maybe. Its still lying to me and saying its completely charged. I guess i should recharge but im curious if it will keep working without it.
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    Gib Z

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    I don't think the problem was with the indicator lying that it was full, but that it was empty!! If it can run on 5mins charge for 3 days, then the indicator falsely told you the batteries were low, or you have a US Army hyper-Lithium Ion battery for your big chunk of a phone :)
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    I was just going to say that your battery was dead but I didnt see Gib Z's post. When my laptop battery was dying it would charge faster and faster untill eventually when I tried to take out the power cord, it would just turn off. I'd put my money on what Gib Z said.
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