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How could calculus possibly be used in floor tile setting?

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    I was reading a book at the library this morning about the 100 best jobs without a four year college degree, and I was reading about tile setting. The book had sections for each job, and one section was about the skills that tile setters use. This book said that tile setters can use calculus on the job.

    I have worked as an assistant to a tile setter for a year, and a person can definitely be an outstanding tile setter without knowing anything about calculus.

    What applications does calculus possibly have for floor tile setting?

    I'm talking about any type of floor tile: ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, glass, etc.
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    Like for example determining what shape and of what size the tiles should be in order for the cost to be minimazed, or the number of tiles to be minimized. There are other applications also, but this is what comes at the top off my head.
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    i would imagine you use more geometry than calculus
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    Doing a geometric progression by using a Recursively defined sequence would be the first thing that comes to mind.
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    Yes, in the same sense that you can be an excellent computer programmer without knowing how transistors work.
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