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How dangerous 1,4 benzenedithiol is?

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    Just simple question, how dangerous is 1,4 benzenedithiol? Does it have a strongly disagreeable odor like some of the thiol molecules? And what kind of handling of this material needs to be done?

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    Google for 1,4 benzenedithiol MSDS.
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    It smells terrible. Use gloves and take them off before you leave your workstation. If you get this stuff on your gloves and then wander around the lab touching everything, especially the lab phone, everyone will hate you.

    Ask me how I know.
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    Everybody hated you for this?
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    I hated someone else for this. Used the phone after he did, after he touched the doorknob, wash bottles, balance. All were contaminated. I smelled like a sewer the rest of the day. It highlighted a problem we had with contamination in the lab. If someone touches everything with contaminated gloves and you come in after and touch the same surface without gloves, you've just gotten a dose of something. I was furious. That's when I noticed how many people were wandering the halls... with their gloves still on their hands.
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    Hi chemisttree, thanks for your sharing. Thats exactly I try to avoid, to be hated by my colleagues in the lab..:), I will be more cautious to use this substance then..
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    Consult the Merk Index. If you're not familiar with it, go to the library, find one, look up the compound, and then just spend a few minutes reading about it. I mean just looking at the name, it's got benzene, sulpher so cancer-causing and it smells bad.

    . . . ugh, I'm not sure if the thiol group affects the carcinogenisity (sp) of benzene. But if I had a Merk index, well then, I could wip that right out for you.
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