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How did the first dna produce proteins?

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    Hey all, i get how evolution applies to things using DNA and reproduction, and i get the RNA world hypothesis, but what i don't understand is how the first DNA actually manged to produce the proteins that would later develop into cells without the surrounding machinery to process it, second question:

    How do single celled organisms have any sensory processing abilities without neurons (not necessarily a whole cephallation just any processing neuron of any kind, sure they may have receptors, but what processes the receptors inputs?) and lastly, how did the first neuron develop within the first multicelluar organisms/how did neuron develop from a standard single celled microbe? Any enlightenment or input appreciated.
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    Simon Bridge

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    DNA and protiens occurred together and do not need other structures. But lipids do tend to stick to some accumulations of these molecules and, at the mist basic level, a cell is a blob of oil with stuff in it.
    You may want to try:
    ... as a jumping off point.

    A neuron would be a single cell, so is an amoeba... single cells are stimulous-responce: they work by chemistry not neurology.
    How do chemicals know to react to other chemicals?

    Please also see:
    ... for an idea how evolutionary arguments work. Then you'll have a good idea where to look for those not covered here.
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