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How did you guys become mentors

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    are you paid?how many hours do you spend here everyday?also do you have some other job or you only be here in this forum the whole day and how do you manage your work if you are doing some other job or something,then it would be very busy for you to come here i guess?also what are the requirements for becoming a mentor in any forum?
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    The staff is comprised of an ancient alien race of robots. They are paid in girl scout cookies. The only requirement is that you can speak Fur'dälish (their language), oh, and you must kill a three headed dragon.

    Seriously, they're just extraordinary people with a common purpose. Give them thanks!
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    Sigh. I just checked and you are right, there is cookies added as a footnote in a very small print.
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    Sorry Borek, but you're cookie shipment was returned and I didn't want them to go to waste. *burp*
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    The mentors on PF have an eerie relationship with Slurp Spiders and other virtual entities.
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    now i understood why people have strange names
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