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How difficult is it to get into astro/cosmology?

  1. May 28, 2010 #1
    Hi all

    I'm a first year physics student at UQ in Australia with a strong interest in philosophy (I'm taking intro philosophy this semester and philosophy of modern physics next semester, a second year course).

    I have a friend who's starting his honours project in cosmology, but he's incredibly smart. Perfect GPA for all his third year courses and he reads a lot. I'd love to get into research like that. Anyone have some tips? I think reading and philosophy, and the critical thinking skills I gain from it will give me a good edge. I'm starting second year astro next semester too (it's still first semester in Australia).
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  3. May 29, 2010 #2
    As a career? Cosmology is very difficult to get into. There are hundreds of threads on this forum about the difficulties of getting a job in astronomy generally.
  4. May 31, 2010 #3
    However, it's not hard to get a Ph.D. in cosmology, and getting a faculty position in cosmology is no more difficult than getting a position in any other field of astronomy (like for example planetary science).

    The important thing about cosmology is not to get too philosophical and abstract.
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