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Courses How do grad schools perceive a course audit on an undergrad transcript?

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    I'm thinking of auditing a course this Fall, since I find it very interesting and would love to take it, but I don't have time to do the homework and papers and such. It's called "Science and Religion" and is just a two hour lecture every Wednesday evening. What would a graduate school think of an audit like this? My school lists an audited course on your transcript if you attend >50% of the classes. There are some other philosophy courses I might also consider auditing at other points in my education.

    EDIT: I'm hoping to apply to graduate school in either physics or engineering.
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    As a former member of an admissions committee, I would say it would have no effect. There are just so many other factors that get weighed in: GPA, GPA in major, GRE scores, work/research experience (as should be documented in letters of recommendation)... it's rather like taking a course in underwater basket weaving.

    Note: it you do have the time, take more (graded) upper-level and even grad-level courses in your field. That can be weighted positively by a reader's score.
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    I did a Major in Honours Physics and a Minor in World Religions, one of my undergrad courses was in fact "Science and Religion". I had no problem getting into Grad Schools.
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    Thanks. I'm not afraid I would have trouble getting in because I took a certain course - I just wanted to make sure there's no negative stereotype of auditing courses instead of earning credits for them.
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    If its any help I also audited a graduate level Magnetism course because I didn't want the stress of all the work while taking a full course load.
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    You know, you could simply ask the professor if you can sit in on the class. You get the same intellectual benefit out of it, without the papers and such.
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