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Studying How do i begin studying physics?

  1. Jul 26, 2010 #1
    Hi ,
    I am interested in physics and mathematics however i am not a physics college student.I'm however studying medicine although the only subjects that i loved in high school are physics and mathematics . I entered the medical college because in my country , unless you are a doctor , you will not find a job . graduates of the college of science in my country almost work as taxi drivers . I have just finished the book fundamentals of modern cosmology which i found very interesting and that caused me to like physics . I want to read farther in physics as i will be able to understand the laws by which this universe operates . I want to know about the fields of the mathematics that should be known by me in order to understand most of the fields of physics . What should i do if i want to study physics . and what is a physics minor?
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    That depends, do you think you want to work in physics? If so, you'll need a physics degree. Otherwise, you can teach yourself perhaps using the MIT opencourseware material that is quite good.

    A 'minor' is a type of undergraduate degree - a 'minor' or 'major' reflects the amount of time one has spent taking classes (i.e. credits) in a particular subject.
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