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  1. Zack K

    Programs How to best prepare for a physics major

    So in a couple weeks I'm going into university to study physics and I just have so many things going over my head. The main thing I am afraid of is failure. I'm planning to go on to a top grad school in the future and then go on to pursue a PhD in astrophysics. I've been looking forward to doing...
  2. Ahmed Hassan

    What are the best physics textbooks?

    Hello everyone ! I am going to be a physics student next September and I want to know what are the best textbooks that are well-written , well-explained with diagrams and examples ? Thank you !
  3. AlexGLSY

    Looking for someone to learn QM with

    Hey Guys, I started reading the book and having some hard time with some of the math. Would someone would like to help me through the book, and with QM itself(mainly the math)? In help I mean someone I could send messages with different questions regarding the book and QM. In return I could help...
  4. anorlunda

    Insights Why Study Physics? A Bit Goes a Long Way! - Comments

    anorlunda submitted a new PF Insights post Why Study Physics? A Bit Goes a Long Way! Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
  5. jca0713

    Other I'm feeling very discouraged

    I'm a second year university student, however I switched to a physics major this year. Currently I'm in calculus 3 and the intro mechanics course. I'm doing really well in calc 3 and I'm finding I'd rather do that homework most days because it makes more sense to me. I'm struggling with...