What is Studying physics: Definition and 72 Discussions

Studies in History and Philosophy of Science is a series of three peer-reviewed academic journals published by Elsevier. It was established in 1970 as a single journal, and was split into two sections–Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A and Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part B: Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics–in 1995. In 1998, a third section, Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part C: Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, was created.

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  1. A

    Studying How Should I Study Quantum Mechanics and Which Math Should I Know?

    Hello everyone. I have question about studying of quantum mechanics. My university program isn't good and universities lectures can't help me and I situation next that I should study physics use alone and use materials from internet. I tried do that but I understand that my level of math isn't...
  2. M

    Any texts on the pleasure of studying physics?

    As a hobbyist, studying physics is deeply pleasurable. Yet, I never seem to find anyone discussing this? Discussions on the merits of learning physics always focus on its practical utilites. Are you aware of any books or articles where physicists discuss the deep pleasures that come from...
  3. D

    Programs Studying Physics Abroad: UMich vs Weizmann Institute

    Hello. I have been accepted into a few Graduate programs in physics. I have narrowed down my choices to two: one in America, UMich, and one in Israel, namely the Weizmann institute. There is an important distinction between the two programs. In America, it is a PhD program, which from what I...
  4. yucheng

    Studying Balancing Theory and Applications?

    Merely studying formalism and theory in quantum mechanics is too dry and demotivating for me. I would appreciate being able to do more practical calculations and realistic applications instead of canned problems. Is there a way to balance this theory and applications? I have thought of doing...
  5. jordy1113

    Studying Build Physics Intuition: Solve Phys Mech Problems Easily

    Hi all, I'm a physics major and I'm taking a physical mechanics class and I have a really hard time even starting homework problems. Physics does not come easily to me and I have zero intuition when it comes to what formulas, rules, etc to use where/to start phys mech problems. How can I build...
  6. R

    Courses What do I do to catch up on Physics 1?

    I am a nanobiology student about to start her 2nd year. This year I only had 2 physics courses and I did pretty bad in both. As I start my second year I would like to be very prepared in physics since we will have way more of this subject. Are there some books or tips you have to catch up on...
  7. Hamiltonian

    Studying How far can I get if I stick to self studying physics?

    I will be entering uni in less than a year, I will be pursuing a degree in computer science. I want to some day be able to understand "string theory" ,"quantum gravity" (as of now these are merely buzzwords to me) and understand the standard model in and out (so QFT, QED, QCD) even GR! So far...
  8. J

    How would you go about studying physics outside of university?

    I think I want to pursue physics, but I can't seem to keep up with the pace of a university class. I also don't like the format. How would you go about doing this?
  9. Hamiltonian

    Physics I love studying physics but can i get a job

    I am in high school and will be going to college in less than 2 years. I love studying physics and I would love to study and gain more knowledge in the field. Right now I am barely scratching the surface and I really want to study the subject in depth. I am reminded time and again having a...
  10. A

    Studying Is studying math harder than studying physics?

    What do you think is study math harder then physics,I mean on university highiest level?
  11. T

    Java Should I enroll in a python course or java? (I’m studying physics)

    Python based course or java course ?. I will be taking an introductory computer programming course . One is python based and the other is java based. The java based course has 2 semesters and goes more in depth with programming . Would it be useful to just take the java courses and get the...
  12. Iridium77

    Other Self studying physics and math: How to proceed?

    Hello, so I am a 16 year old passionate about physics and mathematics, I’ve pretty much self taught myself everything. Before you start saying that I’ve got to focus on what I have, I am nailing everything science related, straight As, but I find them quite easy and I REALLY want to move on. I...
  13. B

    Suggestions to start studying Physics and Maths

    Some suggestions to start studying Physics and Maths. Hello guys. I am a beginner. I want to study physics and maths on my own. My interests are relativity, space, time, how black holes work, how big the universe is, etc. And in maths, anything that could help me study mentioned above topics...
  14. J

    Programs Studying Physics Courses at 50 years old

    From experience, up to what age can the brain and neurons still able to study physics? Steven Weinberg is already 80+ years old. Is his brain still as good as when he was in the 20s? If I begin undergraduate course in physics at 50 yrs old. How long before I can graduate as a PhD? I want to...
  15. J

    Studying How to combine studying physics with a life?

    I am in my forties, with a child and a firm to run (little to do with physics). I have a degree in physics, and a MSc in high energy physics (QFT, a bit of string theory, etc.). I did not continue with an academic career, though. Now I feel I want to have, as a goal for the rest of my life, to...
  16. iwilllearn

    Studying Where to start in self studying physics?

    I am currently teaching physics to myself, however when I start to comprehend one thing, an unknown term or equation finds me and I get stolen from my current reasearch to begin to research that. So my question is, where should I start? Is there any logical starting point to begin to teach...
  17. A

    Struggling with Physics: Any Tips for Self-Study and Problem Solving?

    I am afraid this post doesn't belong to this forum. But, I can't think of any other place better than this to post it. I am an 2nd year physics undergraduate. In high school, I loved physics and spent some time with it. However, I didn't get into any of my preferred universities and for that I...
  18. Zack K

    Programs How to best prepare for a physics major

    So in a couple weeks I'm going into university to study physics and I just have so many things going over my head. The main thing I am afraid of is failure. I'm planning to go on to a top grad school in the future and then go on to pursue a PhD in astrophysics. I've been looking forward to doing...
  19. Q

    Programs Is studying physics as a part time degree effective?

    Hi I have come to a conclusion that I cannot study physics master's in any form since I don't have the necessary background. I am considering the option of pursuing physics degree in part time while working. My question is, if I were to complete bachelor's and master's, would I be eligible to...
  20. B

    Studying How Can I Improve My Physics Study Methods at University?

    Hello! I would really appreciate some advice on my current situation related to studying physics. I am an undergraduate student, just finishing my first semester at uni. For the first semester I was learning like in high school: came home, went through taken theory, made homework and if I had...
  21. Ahmed Hassan

    What are the best physics textbooks?

    Hello everyone ! I am going to be a physics student next September and I want to know what are the best textbooks that are well-written , well-explained with diagrams and examples ? Thank you !
  22. AlexGLSY

    Looking for someone to learn QM with

    Hey Guys, I started reading the book and having some hard time with some of the math. Would someone would like to help me through the book, and with QM itself(mainly the math)? In help I mean someone I could send messages with different questions regarding the book and QM. In return I could help...
  23. Liam Lau

    Studying Studying Physics or Mathematics content first?

    Hi, I'm a student in the UK and am going on to study Physics at university next year. I enjoy self-study and was wondering which approach would be best, whether to read the physics content first or learn mathematical techniques first ( real and complex analysis etc.) Moreover, I wasn't sure...
  24. anorlunda

    Insights Why Study Physics? A Bit Goes a Long Way - Comments

    anorlunda submitted a new PF Insights post Why Study Physics? A Bit Goes a Long Way! Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
  25. jca0713

    Other Is Struggling in Mechanics Normal as a Physics Major?

    I'm a second year university student, however I switched to a physics major this year. Currently I'm in calculus 3 and the intro mechanics course. I'm doing really well in calc 3 and I'm finding I'd rather do that homework most days because it makes more sense to me. I'm struggling with...
  26. N

    Studying Studying Physics being an Active Duty soldier?

    People, I am student of Astrophysics (Bachelors), and I have also enlisted in the US Army. I still do have 2 years remained to finish my Bachelors degree. I will be shipping out for Basic Combat Training by the end of this year (hopefully). While I will be stationed, I don't know whether "that"...
  27. Syed_Ali

    Other Self-Study Physics: Guide to Feasible Plan & Resources

    Hello guys. I am a resident practicing Neurology in Atlanta,GA.But Physics has always fascinated me. I want to self study Physics with no time constraints.I want a feasible plan.I will outline what I have in my mind; please guide me through it appropriately. Firstly, I did A levels Physics and...
  28. P

    Trying to understand why I am studying physics

    Hello! I need to ask for help in understanding my own behaviour towards physics so that I can either set some proper long term goals in the area, or alternatively move on to something else. I hope that by sharing my experience I might be able to get some feedback that would help me make sense...
  29. Utilite

    Is popular science important when studying Physics?

    Physics major in my country is often regarded worthless. Here we have exams before university people who get higher places mostly study medicine, engineering, law etc. I am someone who loves learning stuff and who wants to make a difference so I am studying physics this year (hopefully with a...
  30. Noctisdark

    Learn Physics: Special & General Relativity Basics

    Hi PF, Summer is almost here, and I've decided to use it to learn modern physics, but a little bit confused . So what is the mathematical back ground needed to learn special and general relativity ? Where exactly should start ?
  31. Futurestar33

    What is your reason for studying physics?

    What is your reason for studying physics and what do you want to do with it. I actually got thrown into my schools physics program by accident. I began at a community college studying nanotechnology and when i transferred schools it was supposed to be a two-plus two program meaning I would get...
  32. Diego Fernandez

    What's better for studying Physics: AP or IB?

    Currently, I'm in the IB program and I've never taken any AP courses back at my old school. Since I'm planning on studying Astrophysics in College, I was wondering which one prepares me the best for things concerning subjects in math and physics? After doing some research, I found that IB...
  33. B

    Best path for studying physics and computer science

    I am a senior right now in high school and am pretty much deciding the beginning of the rest of my career right now. Ultimately, I would love to study both physics and computer science with either a double major or with computational physics. I love learning about mathematics, physics, computer...
  34. C

    Is there a more effective way to study physics?

    I have been taking an ineffective method in my physics intro class: reading the textbook and taking notes -- each chapter of notes comes out to at least 4 pages, front and back. So I'm wondering if there is a more effective way to learn physics? Should I just read, highlight, make sidenotes...
  35. B

    Studying Physics and Math from tablet

    Recently I've been overwhelmed by lengthy PDFs and papers.I usually print them and read them in library so desktop is not an option,but it's getting really expansive.Thus I figured tablet would do a great job.Now my question is did someone used tablet primarily as a learning device?Did you have...
  36. J

    First Year Physics: Is My Study Plan Effective?

    This is my first year taking a physics course and i am taking calculus based physics. My study plan so far has been writing detailed notes from the book and each section would take me a good hour. I have not done the practice problems just yet as i have two more sections to finish. Is this...
  37. C

    Need a strategy for independently studying physics for molecular bio

    Hello all; I'm in an odd position. I graduated with a degree in molecular biology 2 years ago and now work in a quality control lab for a pharmaceutical manufacturer. My job involves doing things like running gene-amplification reactions for recombinant microorganisms used in drug-production...
  38. G

    Should I Study Physics in Italy or the UK?

    Hello everybody! I am about to finish high school and I want to study Physics at uni. I am more interested in the theoretical aspects of this subject rather than in the experimental ones and I appreciate pure Math as well. For these reasons, I applied for some Theoretical Physics and joint...
  39. H

    Is it Crazy to Start Studying Physics at 36?

    Is it completely insane for a 36 year old high school graduate to start studying physics? Not for professional purposes but just out of need to get answers on personal questions. Always liked physics. Ubnormal childhood.Calmer now.Please someone an opinion here i think i am going crasy for...
  40. Descent

    Questions about studying physics in Canada

    Hello, this forum has been common visiting place of mine for the past year and I sure have learned alot. I have created an account now as I need some academic guidance. Currently, I intend to study theoretical physics at the university level. I am currently studying A-Levels so I am more...
  41. Mohamad&Issa

    Studying Studying physics is better in France or German?

    Hello.. I want to kwon if studying physics in France is better than studying it in German. And what universities are good to study it in. Thanks
  42. H

    Testing Satisfaction derived from studying physics

    Apologies for the pun in the title. I'm curious to hear, from more experienced PFer's, on what the kind of satisfaction one can get from studying physics. More specifically, on whether the amount of uncertainty or unknown in a specific topic actually diminish with advances in understanding, or...
  43. B

    How to learn CS while studying physics?

    I just started an MS in physics after an unrelated bachelors many years ago. I have fallen in love with computer programming over the last couple of years through city college courses and part time jobs/internships. I also love physics, and my plan is to continue getting better at programming...
  44. A

    Studying Tips for Approaching Physics as a Math Student

    I am studying undergrad physics for the first time, and am finding it rather a stretch. I assumed because I have taken a lot of math (with some pretty interesting physics applications) that it would be easy, and am currently paying for that assumption. In my limited experience, success with most...
  45. J

    Admissions Entry into studying physics at 32

    Hi all, I'm 32 years old and am well established in my 'career' but have always been fascinated with physics, especially theoretical physics. I'm looking for a way to continue working full time in my 'job' while I make strides into studying physics (at least initially). I've moved...
  46. P

    Physics Do Physics Graduates Regret Their Degree?

    Many threads give the impression that a large percentage of physics graduates regret studying physics. To those of you who have qualifications in physics, do you regret studying physics?
  47. K

    Studying Prerequesites for Studying Physics and Other Hard Sciences

    Hullo chaps. Sorry to bother you with this, but I need some help. Is it possible to, having taken up to Algebra II (yes I'm underage, yes it's pathetic), quickly review everything you learned during the High School Algebra courses and then use a Calculus text like Apostol I to review what is...
  48. H

    Schools Studying Physics in Australia: Undergraduate & Graduate Considerations

    I have heard multiple times that where you study and get you bachelor is not that important, at least relative to the importance of where you do your graduate studies. How much influence should the factor of a university having some prestige in the field of physics have on the decision making of...
  49. S

    Studying Is Studying Physics Still Worth It for Me?

    I started college majoring in electrical engineering. I realized that engineering was boring and lacked beauty, so I decided to change to the elegant study of physics. This is after I had taken AP physics in high school, so I knew it was something I liked a lot. I'm now halfway through my...