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How do I figure out how much water force is needed to push how much weight?

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    Hi guys. I'm trying to figure out how much water force is needed to push an object roughly 19 times heavier then itself. I think water is roughly 2lbs in weight to every 32 fluid ounces.
    any one think they can give me a hand?
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    Hey pickerguy.

    I'm not sure about how your thing is being pushed and under what conditions, but you will need a positive net force where F_water > F_forces_opposing water.

    The other thing about this is that water doesn't act like a solid which makes things a lot more complicated (and this is the reason why we need fluid mechanics and why building aeroplanes, and designing all kinds of engineering applications is hard).

    Maybe you could explain more of the specifics to us so we can make further comments and suggestions.
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