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How do I find my height above sea level?

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    I'm under the impression that this takes special equipment? We're talking centimeter precision by the way. Shouldn't I be able to get this from some App by now?!
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    It is specialist equip!! :)
    Top of the line GSP systems I work with will give you 1 to 1.5 cm (10 - 15mm)accuracy at a cost of $20,000 or so because multiple units are needed for that sort of accuracy

    standard handheld GSP units like the Garmin E-Trex etc will give down to maybe 3-5 metres of accuracy


    Ohh I should actually qualify that .... We find that the vertical accuracy averages ~ half the quality of horizontal accuracy. So for a horizontal accuracy of 1cm, which under good conditions is quite achievable,
    the vertical accuracy will be ~ 2cm
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