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How do I know if I am smart enough to be a physicist?

  1. Mar 21, 2015 #1
    How did you know you would be good with physics?
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    Liking a physics article is not a sound basis for a career decision. You need to investigate career opportunities, salaries, lifestyle, and so forth.

    That said, it is good that you have changed your work ethic. A good work ethic will, in the long run, overcome a bad semester.
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    Only you can decide that. The laziness and lack of motivation you exhibited can always return unless you've identified the cause and have resolved to not fall into the same or similar trap.

    The intro to physics course is not representative of upper level physics. It is more formulaic, that is under conditions a,b and c then formula x applies otherwise formula y applies.

    In upper level courses, you start from first principles and then derive the formula needed for conditions a,b and c and then solve the problem to get the answer.
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    The only way to really know is trial by fire. Take some physics classes and see how you do and how much you enjoy them.

    And intelligence is often not the bottleneck factor. Patience, persistence, stubbornness, creativity, good mentorship, and opportunity also play significant roles.
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