How do I leech off my college programs?

  1. I am just wondering, is it true that if my college has MS word and I don't have it (welll I do, but it expired), then I can get it for free from my school?

    How do I leech off my college's benefits? Who do I see?
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    Probably not but schools usually have huge discounts for software.

    See google.
  4. Hold on, my tuition fee is not enough to cover those trivial expenses?
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    No. Deal with it.
  6. Who/where should I pay a visit?
  7. Check and see if your school has an agreement with the MSDNAA. My school has one such that if you are enrolled in any computer science class past a certain period of time, you can get a small subset of Microsoft software for free; the most useful of which (IMO) are Windows 7 Professional and Visual Studio 2008.
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