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How do i permantly unsubscribe from threads?

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    it looks like all of a sudden i automatically get subscribed to every thread i reply to. is there a way to change this? it's getting annoying to have all kinds of emails saying someone replied to a thread i replied to.
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    Each time you get an e-mail telling you someone has responded there is an "unsubscribe from this thread" option at the bottom after the text of the post of the response. It's a link you click on.

    Otherwise each thread has a "thread tools" button at the top right of the OP. Click on that, and you will see the "unsubscribe" option.

    There is also an "unsubscribe" option in your User Control Panel where your subscribed threads are listed.
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    Go to User cp,

    edit options (on left) go to the "Messaging & Notification" section in the middle of the page, second box down - “default thread subscription mode” click “do not subscribe” in the drop down box
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    I had no idea you could do that.
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    Note that you can stop receiving those e-mail notification WITHOUT unsubscribing to the threads. Just selected the option for no e-mail notification. You are still subscribed to those thread.

    The advantage of staying subscribed to the threads that you particiapted in is that when you see the list of threads in a particular sub-forum, you will have these "icons" (used to be check marks) that indicated which threads you have participated in in case you want to check for follow-ups.

    So go check the User CP Options and make the appropriate changes.

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    So, why was this option to subscribe the threads "activated" all of a sudden?
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    It would appear that when the admins were doing work on the software engine of this forum, some of the default settings got changes.

    I simply went to CP as Evo indicated and changed the appropriate settings.

    And read this - https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=104426
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    problem fixed (i think)... thx for the info everybody :smile:
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    I was also getting subscription notices from EVERY thread i went to. Fixed that though :)
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    Thanks. I fixed the problem even before this thread came up, but hadn't noticed the post from the Admin. :smile:
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