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How do I write radian decimals in terms of Pi?

  1. Apr 23, 2012 #1
    How would i write 1.047 rad in terms of pi? I know the answer i will get is Pi/3 rad, but HOW do i get this answer? I know how to convert degrees to radians and vice versa in terms of pi but this particular question is in radians. Help?
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    But when I calculate 1.047 / pi I get 0.33327. How did you get 1.047/pi ≈ 1/3 ? thats the only part i dont understand
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    Since your result 1.047 is written with 4 significant figures, you ought to keep that many in [itex]\theta = \pi / x \Rightarrow x =\pi / \theta = 3.001[/itex].
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