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Calculators How do the mrc m- and m+ buttons work on a very basic calculator?

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    Ive never used these buttons in my life.
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    Me either, probably because i don't even know what they are exactly for :/ and on a basic calculator? must have some use to normal math i suppose.
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    M+ stores the current number shown on the calculator. MRC I believe erases those numbers in memory. I don't use the basic calcs, though since I'm far too accustomed to my scientific one.
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    m+ adds whatever is on the screen to memory
    m- subtracts whatever is on the screen from memory
    mrc is the memory recall button which displays whatever is in memory on the screen

    here is an example
    press mrc
    press m-
    This makes sure that your memory is clear
    press 5 and then m+ (a small m usually appears somewhere to let you know there is something other than 0 in the memory)
    now press mrc, you will see 5
    press 4 and then m+
    now press mrc and you will see 9 (5+4=9)
    press 3 and then press m-
    now press mrc and you will see 6 (9-3=6)

    remember no matter what else you do, as long as you use no memory functions or switch the calculator off, that 6 will remain in memory.

    oh how we love technology :wink:
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